Monday, June 5, 2017

Accidental Call.... 6-5-17

Lots of events this last week. Going to start off with the miracle that happened Monday night.
We set up a lesson with a less-active for Monday night and right before we were about to head out he called and told us that it would not work out. Right after the call with him ended a random grandma called us and asked when we were coming over. We had no idea who she was but decided to ask for her address and head over. She happened to be baptized about 5 years ago and had fallen away. She accidentally pressed a button on her phone and saw our contact and thought to herself, "Hmmm. I haven't seen them in a while." She had a number of difficult surgeries and stopped coming to church after. She was very grateful to see us and had us meet all 5 of her children. She was the only one who got baptized and her family has tons of potential. Most importantly, she has two twins that are both 17 and they would make amazing future missionaries. We were able to go back and help her pull off wallpaper later in the week and we are really pushing forward to work with this family.

We had our last interviews with President Packer and it was pretty sad. We see him weekly, but 1-on-1 time with people like him is priceless. Here are a couple of things that I came away with from him:
1. When I asked, "What was the most important thing you could tell me to do after the mission." He said, "Hold to the Living Prophets." He gave me a million reasons of why but maybe that can be up to you to take a second to ponder and discuss that either as a family, in your studies, or as we all see the direction that the earth is currently headed in.
2. If we want to know how to find, teach and baptize families... we must study out why families are important, know how to show others the blessings that come from a family that lives by the gospel, and be ready to be able to teach a house full of little kids that can't sit still for 3 seconds without being entertained. The Lord uses what we have and if we prepare ourselves for these moments, He will send families in our direction. I have spent a lot of time studying the Family Proclamation to the World lately in order to be ready and focused on baptizing a family. One of the biggest blessings that I can promise is Peace. (3 Nephi 22:13)
3. He thanked me for every testimony that I have born, for every door that I have knocked, for every sick grandma I have blessed, for every time I have taught someone the Gospel, for every time I have gotten yelled at on the street, for every companionship I have ever been apart of, for every area that I have cared for and the list goes on and on. It really helped me see the last 2 years in the bigger picture and as he talked hundreds of memories came rushing back and it was a special moment to look back and see what the Lord has allowed me to do in assisting in the work.

We teach an English class at a government building in the Center of Kyiv and thanks to those relationships we were able to participate in "Kid's Day" and hold carnival type games for about 400 underprivileged kids from small villages surrounding Kyiv. It went really well.

I was asked to participate in the "Mission Band". We had a guitarist, pianist, violinist, and even a drummer. I was the one who held the microphone to the mouth of the Elder playing the guitar hahaha. When we sang "500 Miles" I made sure to wedge a spot in the background singers in honor of Grandpa (Elder) Pohlman with that being his favorite song and sang loud and proud. We also held an American party for all of the English people that come and it was a blast. Lots of fun activities this last week. 
Singing 500 Miles

I have always heard about reading the Book of Mormon and underlining every time a mention is made of Christ and am on plan to finish before the 30th of June when the new mission president comes who is a professor of the Book of Mormon and Russian.
Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Devashrayee

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