Monday, May 15, 2017

Opposition = Something Big...... 5-15-17

Good week! Had a great time talking with the family and stuff on Sunday.

Biggest thing of this week is how the work is going. It is going well and things just keep on moving forward.  We have a number of people and families moving forwards at the moment and we are hoping for the best. 

We were trying to find a service opportunity on Saturday and we got lost on the way somehow. It was raining and we got there right as the Korean Baptists were leaving.  We walked in the room and about 50 people just stared at us liked we were aliens that just walked in from Mars. Half of them were handicapped and the others were all of their relatives.  Every Saturday they hold a party type thing at 3pm and we walked in an hour and a half late.  We were immediately sat down with sandwiches and cake and stayed after to make some friends and clean up.  The lady that runs the whole thing met with missionaries about 7 years ago and she took the whole group through the temple open house. Things worked out perfectly there.  We couldn't plan anything that day and got lost and every thing fell through but God had a better plan for us. For some reason I knew that something big was going to happen the moment I realized that we were having some opposition that was pretty un-explainable. 

Hope you all have a great week! 

Love Elder Devashrayee

A couple of photos from our week's adventures....

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