Monday, April 3, 2017

Family Unit..... 4-3-17

This was a great last week. On Sunday we left the house with only suits on an it was a great feeling. The weather right now is perfect and it gives us a lot of energy. 

On Tuesday, I had an exchange with a relatively new missionary. We had about an hour and a half of unplanned time between travel and teaching English and lessons. We set the goal to give away 4 Books of Mormon throughout the day. God works to our desires. In that hour and a half we gave away all 4 and got numbers from all of them wanting to know more. I can't say that I have done that every day, but honestly it is all up to us. We planned and prayed to see miracles that day and went out and the Lord did the rest. Goal setting and faith is how we get the most out of each day or even an hour and a half. It was a great exchange and I hope that the new missionary keeps the momentum going. I love being a grandpa here in the mission. I learned a lot from him. 

One of my biggest desires in this area is to get people to the next step. Whether that is doing baptisms for the dead, going through the temple, or getting baptized. We have a number of people doing all 3 in the next month or so. We are excited and the work is going great. 

A family baptized their daughter this last week. They invited a lot of family and I was able to talk to one of them after the actual ordinance of baptism and then later after the whole service for around 30 minutes. When I approached him, he was pretty unresponsive and didn't seem happy to see me haha. At the end, we were both laughing and enjoying the conversation. I have learned to really accept and see the views of other people without getting angered when they disagree, and enjoying every moment I have to tell them what I believe and what makes me happy. I wouldn't have been able to answer his questions before the mission, and let alone in Russian. I am grateful for the time I have here and being able to testify numerous times every day. At the end, he asked me what was the purpose of life. I thought about it and said, "To be able to stand before God at the last day and know that I had done everything in my power to be confident in His presence. Secondly, that I had done everything possible to help family and loved ones get to that point too." He asked why my family was more important than others and the question kind of surprised me. 

The family is the unit in which we can all return to God together. We constantly search for opportunities to help others and lift them. We take people in. People become our family. We have amazing friends and acquaintances.  However, the most important people we can constantly help and love is our family. Find someone whether it be your brother, sister, mom, dad, uncle, cousin, mother-in-law, great-aunt, or even your spouse. Think about ways to show them you care for them this next week and spread a feeling of love for Easter coming up. Find a grandma who could use a "grandkid" for an hour, find a person that could use an "older brother", or find someone that could use a talk you heard in conference. Hope that you all have a great week! 

Love, Elder Devashrayee 

p.s. Went to their zoo for P-day... It was quite the adventure and was pretty cool. Enjoy some of the photos from it.
 Their "Cotton Candy"


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