Monday, April 24, 2017

All-Star Weekend..... 4-24-17

Lots of great highlights from the past week. 

One of them would have to be the fact that Elder Holland was in our mission and on three separate occasions I was able to listen to him and other leaders give us direction. I will just leave few thoughts: 

-You ALWAYS have time to do a good deed/act of service. 
-Great opposition is when something great is about happen. 
-A handshake with a look in the eyes can be a personal interview. Seek ways to know how to serve others when we look into their eyes. 
-We must always remember our true identity. Doing this, everything else falls into place. Our choices become better, we become happier, and we feel that God loves us with all of His heart, mind, and strength. 
-The Doctrine and the Spirit are the most important things in Church services. Members aren't perfect and never will be. 
-Missionaries (Visiting teachers, young women leaders, Bishops)  are to create spiritual experiences. The lessons are just a way to help others learn. We are to give people a Reason to follow Christ and not just Knowledge. 
-God's family tree is 1 generation. Us and God. While family and those that influence us to do good are very helpful, we need to remember that we are all sons of a Loving Heavenly Father and we must personally get back to him. 
-The Sabbath Day and how we observe it is not a new program. We have been given freedom of choice to how we spend it. That way, we can truly make the day a delight. 
-Do you think Adam knew what was happening when the first time rain fell or he was told to plant a seed into the ground? Did he know what was happening when he sacrificed lambs? Sometimes God doesn't have time to explain it all the way. (Does that sound like parenting?)  Just trust. 
- What God loves the very most is a broken heart and contrite spirit. 
-"At the time you need God the most, resist the temptation to leave Him." - Holland 
-The city that Jesus made famous (Nazareth) had to be left to preform miracles. It is all based on our faith. 
-"Sometimes, I think we should bring a lamb and slash it's throat open so people would understand whats the big idea!" -Holland while talking about the importance of the Sacrament 

Lots of spiritual knowledge gained this last week. One thing that kept popping up in my head for a week or two was the verse, "Do not cast pearls before swine." I have been thinking of that a lot lately and trying to see how to apply it. Elder Holland was very impressed with the mission and instead of his usual fiery side, was very emotional while with the missionaries. He didn't want to waste time talking about obedience or our calling and how we should open our mouths more. Instead, he told us that he would teach us doctrine and very rarely has done so with missionaries. We, as a whole, were ready to learn and prepared to expand our understanding. He attributed it our mission President and Wife and I couldn't agree more. They leave in about month or so and gave their "Farewell" at Stake Conference this last week. Couldn't have asked for better examples in my life these last two years. 

We were able to go to a professional European soccer game this last week with the two biggest teams in Ukraine. Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk. Had to leave after 35 minutes into the game in order to get home in time but it was worth it. We went with Farid (16 year old who will be getting baptized here soon), Artur, and a local friend that knew his way around and could keep us out of trouble if it arised. Great experience. 

All-star weekend here in Ukraine. Hope you all have a great week! 

Love Elder Devashrayee

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