Monday, March 27, 2017

Time Well Spent..... 3-27-17

Great last week. We had a few things that were really interesting. 

First, we had set up a special sacrament meeting in the ward for the 26th of March a couple of months ago. We have been getting names that members came up with whom they could share the gospel for the past 8 months. We had prayed for those names every night (around 70) for about 6 months, and then revised it to a group of about 15 that really had potential once we got with the Bishopric and decided on a date for the special sacrament meeting. It was announced over the pulpit every Sunday and in quorums. Special talks and speakers were assigned. Musical number was planned. The young men were out holding the doors open. The ward got there a little earlier than usual and everyone was really on the top of their game. The time came and church started. The only notable new people that came were: the family that we are working with, a spouse of a member that baptized back in '93, a member couple that hasn't been sealed yet and the Bishop picked up a grandma that we have been working with who who can't walk too well who also brought her friend. The result wasn't anything huge to be noted number- wise. However, the eternal significance it had and will have for them that came will be monumental. If the only outcome is sealing a marriage together for eternity, a testimony booster for a member, or even having the members really thriving to get the people that didn't come to the next event then every ounce of effort was worth it. I really felt a deep sense of gratitude for the those that did come when the first hymn started and the meeting had a great spirit to it. 

Secondly, a member came to our minds and we decided to meet with him on Thursday. He is a great man and was one of the first members of the Church in Ukraine and we had complete faith in him that he could give a Book of Mormon away before Sunday. We got together and discussed the importance of it and then prayed with and for him. Saturday night at 9pm he was able to give it away and came to church on Sunday ecstatic. Great spiritual strength comes when we put all of our faith in the Lord and let others show their faith in Him as well. 

There is a family of refugees that came from Eastern Ukraine. They asked who we could go visit together. We brought them to one of our friends who can't sit or walk and it was great to see them interact and talk with him. This family is made up of a Mom, daughter (13) and son (9). The boy really wanted to play soccer, so we set aside some time to play with him and it was a blast. He has no father-figures, brothers, or friends in this area and it was time well spent. Times he won't forget. 

I heard an interesting phrase this week. "Those who don't want to become Gods submit themselves to the devil." It sounds a little more upfront in English, but I really enjoyed it. Choose God's side and actively fight for Him.

Hope you all have a great week and enjoy Conference!! 

Love, Elder Devashrayee

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  1. Для тех кто не знает вообще-мы не с востока а с запада ...
    И мы не беженцы ...
    Мы просто переехали в Киев :)
    И друзья у него есть :)
    Отец тоже у нас есть но он не в Украине :)
    Это было обидно.
    Ваш блог даже неплохой :)
    Хорошая работа!
    Так держать дальше!