Monday, March 20, 2017

Ping-Pong Works Miracles.....3-20-17

The ward I am in is amazing and I found out I will be staying another transfer with Elder Durtschi here. That will make it 9 months! I am practically a member now :)

We had a great week involving going to the temple and doing baptisms for the dead with Elder Durtschi's new convert Leo for his parents! It was a great experience and this week we really focused a lot of people on temple work. We have a lot of people pointed in that direction at the moment including sealing a family, doing work for passed away family members, and getting people inside for the first time. The best part for me was seeing a less-active from Center Odessa that we found and worked with doing ordinations in the temple! When we met with him, he was having trouble drinking alcohol to try to send away the pain that he has had in his leg for 40 years. He would scream out in lessons due to the pain and would hit his head on the wall, which drove him to drink. About a year later, he is in the temple with us doing temple work. I saw a couple of other members. One of which, we worked with his mom and she ended up getting baptized and he was telling me all about it! Shows that we never really know the impact of our service in the short run. 

We join the Youth every other week for Seminary and bring treats and pull out the ping-pong table for a bit. We have more youth in this ward than in all of the other areas that I served in and also have some non-member youth that come to Seminary. It was out over night and we had a lesson with a less-active there the next day. His face lit up when he saw it and we told him after the lesson we could play for a bit. The lesson was about doing Baptisms for the dead for his relatives. He loved it and came Sunday with information about his father. Ping pong works miracles. 

We committed a family of 3 to baptism this last week. The father is from Iran and is a refugee from the 90's. His wife is from Ukraine and is (was) Eastern Orthodox. They have a kid that is 15 and is an example to most of the Young men on how to behave yourself at church :).  They are a great family. The only thing holding them back is being legally married. We also had a family come to church this week that we didn't even know! Lots of great things are happening here! 

Really looking forward to this next transfer. A lot has been set up and I can't wait to see what happens. Hope you all have a great week! If you missed it, Give my momma a call for her birthday on St. Patrick's day last week!! 

Love Elder Devashrayee

Here we are celebrating St Patty's Day 

Some fun time during our Pday

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