Monday, March 6, 2017

Love is the Ultimate Answer....... 3-6-17

This last week was a good one.  Hope it was for all of you too. Had a chance to go to an outdoor market. It was pretty cool...

This last week we followed up on a Bobguard whom we gave a Book of Mormon to about a month ago. We stopped bye and there happened to be a different lady there. After 5 minutes of talking through the window, she let us in the building and into her lounge area, after 10 minutes she asked if we could give her a Book of Mormon for a time and she would give it back "on loan" and then after 45 minutes or so we came back and she gave us her number. It was a situation where we couldn't plan anything for the day, and the Lord made something out of nothing and had us find someone that was looking for truth. 

My testimony grew this week that even us just being on the street with a name tag and looking and acting like representatives of the Church moves the work along also. People notice. We had a man get off at our stop and call to us to stop because he had been thinking about God a lot that day and had seen our church a couple times. Before leaving the house he asked God to show him what to do and he knew that seeing us was a sign. He came Sunday and we are hoping that he will progress. 

We were on a bus and I noticed two girls that were whispering and it was obvious they were talking about us. We were standing on the bus and they were sitting and I saw on one of their phones that they had looked up the Book of Mormon and had pulled up a Church site. Not knowing what to do and not wanting to sound creepy I just let it slide until a seat opened up next to one of them after the other got off. I said, "Good night!" (Sounds weird in English) and she was so scared that she would just look forward and wouldn't look over haha I felt bad but I needed to do something about it. I asked her if I could give her a Book of Mormon and she accepted but was obviously scared for her life, it was too bad. 

We have an investigator that has tons of questions and we weren't getting anywhere. Instead of one of the main lessons, we decided to go with the Word of Wisdom mid-lesson. He said that his blood pressure had been rising and was still suffering from a hangover the day before. It was exactly what he needed and is one of the really unique things the Church believes in. We gave him a blessing to get over his habits and he held his hands out like a Buddhist monk as if he was meditating and really got into the blessing. We will see what happens there. 

We have a less-active that has all of the desire in the world, but can't act. He can't come to church and there is nothing stopping him other that his own free will. He wants to, but doesn't come. This last week I had an idea during the lesson. I took out our key ring (this was Saturday) and gave him one of our 3 keys. 1 key to the church, 1 key to our door at home, and the key I gave him was for the deadbolt to our door at home. I couldn't give him any of the others because they were needed that day. We told him that we trusted him completely and had faith that we would see him tomorrow at Church and that he would give us that key back. He was excited and reassured us that he would be at church the next day. We told him that key was important and we would need it back. He trusted us and we trusted him. Sunday came..... and he didn't come. We waited until about 7pm and tried to get in touch with him. He could have cared less and said, "I'll give it back to you sometime this week." I did not want his little lesson to destroy his faith and bring him down, but at this moment I am trying to know how to approach this correctly. Getting mad at him would accomplish absolutely nothing. Going over and chastising him also wouldn't do anything. Going over and acting as if nothing happened would accomplish nothing. Love is the ultimate answer, but to what extent? If he came to Church it would have been an amazing faith building moment for him and for his life. If he didn't, it could push him further back. Interested to see where this will go. I was sure he would come. 

Our Heavenly Father has a tough job. He gave us his only Son and TONS of resources to help us get back to him. Let's help him out this next week and find someone that that needs to feel of his love and hasn't for a long time. Someone that just needs to hear that God loves them. Think to yourself how you would approach this situation and ponder about something similar that has happened or is happening in your life and how you handled it or will handle it. 

The work is moving along and the area seems to be exploding at the moment. Thanks for all of your prayers, they are felt. I hope that you all have a great week. 

Love Elder Devashrayee

I taught my new companion how to make Borscht.... I would say it turned out pretty good!

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