Monday, February 13, 2017

Love Inspired Disappointment.... 2-13-17

Another great week. Sorry for no photos though... they will come next week. Not a lot of time today.

My new companion is Elder Durtschi. He was originally called to Russia, but served in LA for a couple of transfers while waiting for his visa. He is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and is in his 3rd transfer here in Ukraine. He is awesome and I am excited for this transfer. 

For an update on the person we found tracting last week. We called her and she had a big headache. So we told her that we could come by and give a blessing of health. She agreed but said that tomorrow would work best. We then set up a meeting for the afternoon. The next morning I had the prompting that we needed to fast before we gave the blessing. So we started fasting and headed over there later in the day. On the way there I was more excited than I have been for a lesson in a long time. We get to her door and hear people inside. Ring the doorbell and everything went silent. Rang it again and no answer. We call her on her phone and we hear her answer from inside the apartment. She said that she had been taken by ambulance for her headache and that she was in the hospital and would be there at least for the next 10 days.... this is all going on while I hear her talking on the phone right outside her door. I was pretty bummed. But we all have our free agency and we need to respect that.

That day we had 5 lessons planned and all 5 fell through, we had the cops called on us by people in an apartment building while we were waiting there for a member family that didn't show up, and for some reason I was certain that we needed to fast that morning.

I was really wondering why we fasted. I really wanted an answer. I made the goal to really pay attention hard in Church on Sunday and I would find out why. Not only was the fast a test to see how I would react, but also the fast was checking who the fast was really for. Not so that I could say I fasted on the weekly email and a lady got baptized after she received a blessing, but purely to do the work of the Lord in this part of the mission and keep going even when we have done all that we can and for the right reason. Nothing is more important than caring for what the Lord has given you. Went over Jacob 5 again this week and it was a great reminder to what I am called to do. 

I have had an odd desire to really be disappointed in doing the work, because that would mean that I was putting my whole heart into it. Not a disappointment without hope or a depressing disappointment, but one that was really love inspired. This last week we had some things fall through that really disappointed me and I think it was a great answer to me that I am putting my whole heart into the work. 

We went over to a less-actives and every time I ask how his reading of the Book of Mormon is going. This time, he didn't have to go get his Book out of the closet, but it was on the table along with a Liahona opened. He told me about his favorite story in the Liahona and then where he was currently reading in the Book of Mormon. Next, he offered us tea and had a lot in stock that was not black or green, which is good. I couldn't tell if he was just putting on a front because we were coming, or if he really was changing. When he said the prayer, I knew that this person was now feeling the love of God again in his life. He commented that he has started to feel the Holy Ghost more and more. 

We have taken a step back, and now with everyone we just go over and read from the Book of Mormon. No little spiritual messages, but really help them start receiving guidance themselves.

Hope that everyone has a great week!

Elder Devashrayee  

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