Monday, February 27, 2017

Harmony...... 2-27-17

Solid week;)

We had a lot of lessons taught to investigators and it was great. The big one that we were excited for was with the person we set a baptismal date with last week. He ended up showing up to the lesson in a suit, told us that Joseph Smith must have been pre-ordained by God as a Prophet before his life on Earth, and that he realized he should have prayed before and after his reading of the Book of Mormon in order to understand it better. When asked to pray he said, "If I want to learn how to swim, I just need to jump in," and said an amazing prayer. He is awesome and we are hoping that he continues at the rate he is at. All of our investigators are currently reading the Book of Mormon. That is about all that we can do other than guide them and answer questions at this point. 

This past week, Elder Durtschi and I only ate buckwheat. We bought a lot of Monday and stuck through with it through the week. We ate it with onions, eggs, meat, soup, put it in pancake batter, made omelets out of it, diced up apples and put in syrup, milk and honey, crushed up crackers... you name it we did it. Time to start eating unhealthy again :).  Went out to eat and enjoyed the "non Buckwheat" meal.

This week a member invited us to come over for lunch. We had a great meal as she calls it "The physical feast" and then we return the favor with a "Spiritual Feast", and we ended up having a really great lesson.  As sad as it is, we say so many prayers I sometimes get a rut in what I say. During the prayer I said, "Please bless her with...." and then the words "comfort and peace" came to my mind and it was definitely not what I usually say but I went for it and didn't think much more of it. After the prayer I was surprised to see her on the verge of tears and fervently thanking us. She was going to ask for a blessing of comfort and peace earlier that day. She was feeling that Satan was really trying to rattle her. She had been in the temple the day before, knew the missionaries were coming over, and for some reason that morning she had not felt at ease. She went on to say that everyone needs spiritual help. Not just investigators or less actives in the church. That helped me realize that even when we go over to "Strong Members" we have a message that can help them and strengthen them. You never know what someone is going through, but the Holy Ghost does if you invite it. 

My trainer (Elder Gorba - now I called him Dima Gorba because that is his first name, which was strange), called me this last week. He is from Ukraine and has been home for about 4 months. His main message to me was to make sure I was enjoying every second of my mission and that I was happy. He said that life gets busier, you get more tired, and you don't have as much time to read and study the Gospel. Grateful for his call and looking out for me. 

We tried to stop by a house of an unknown member to us, by wishing her a happy birthday. The grandma that watched the building and monitored who was coming in and out at all times was not having it and escorted us herself to the floor to knock. She did so fearlessly and pounded on the door and rang the doorbell, I kid you not about 30 times. It was hilarious. She knew everyone by name, their work schedule, and who they were. She adored this older member and how she always lived by her principles.  I guess when little kids came home from school they came in and gave her hugs and told her about their day while they waited for the elevator. This grandma had a person that came in, contact this lady's kids on her phone and hand it us to make sure this member got her "Happy Birthday call"! We knew this grandma that watched the building (We call them Bob-guards) needed a Book of Mormon. We had grown a relationship of trust and when giving her the Book of Mormon she said, "What an open and sincere feeling I get when looking at your faces." This bob-guard is an All-star and we can't wait to follow up on her. If we are doing the right thing, then the people will recognize us as representatives of the Lord. 

One person we met was saying that he was worried about how he stood before God at this given moment. We talked about happiness and I asked, "How do you believe we can help you gain this happiness you are looking for?" He then said, "It's not the happiness I'm looking for.. it's the harmony." It was such a deep answer, but so funny to me at the same time that I had to really sit back and focus and just make sure I wrote it down. But on a serious note, he had no stability in life and was looking for it and came to us to find it. Shows great desire. 

Hope that everyone has a great week.  Shout out to my Grandma - Happy Birthday, as well as my cousin Emily.  Also congrats to my cousin for becoming a deacon. Everyone is growing up back home. Not sure I will recognize anyone ;)

Elder Devashrayee

Here are a couple of photos from the past week..... enjoy!

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