Monday, January 16, 2017

Surprises in Heaven.... 1-16-17

Another week, new experiences. 

To catch up from the last week's brownie delivery to all of those in our building. The 14th here was Old New Year so we used that as another excuse to stop by a nice couple that opened before. This time the husband was not there but the son was! They are great and invited us in for tea which was an instant conversation starter on how we couldn't drink most of what they had. They pulled out a table and set it with treats and it was a great experience to just be welcomed into a home so nicely without warning. Everything went perfectly and hopefully we can help this family. 

Last Sunday night, a family had us deliver a present to a member in the ward that is kinda "crazy and rude". They wanted it to be a secret so they had us deliver it and we promised not to say from whom it was from. We saw this man again this last Sunday and he was the happiest person ever. He said, "It is proof that God loves all of his children." I think one of the greatest things could be in heaven when people figure out that someone did something for them or realize who it was that helped them. Make it a goal this week to create some of those surprises in heaven. 

Some of the best days as a missionary are those where we cannot plan anything no matter how hard we try and no matter how many people we call. We chose a park and started out with a prayer when we got there. We prayed to give out a Book of Mormon and find someone that would read it and then desire to be baptized. We ended up running into 2 people that night that were receptive and took information and even the Book of Mormon. I was on cloud 9. It was amazing.... and now they won't answer their phones. I was convinced we had just found 2 golden investigators. The highs and the lows. Most important thing to realize is that God works on his own time table and we must always stay grateful. Maybe in a week we will meet with them, maybe future missionaries will meet with them, and maybe their grandchildren will have interest... all that is important is that we do what we can and leave it up to God. 

I just had the opportunity to email the Mini Missionary that went to Odessa (Artur) and I feel like his Dad replying to his email to me. I got a little emotional reading about what is happening with him and then I had to slap myself out of it. A big shout out to all of the parents that have missionaries. 

I feel like I hit a point with Russian that I can really be myself with my speech and my personality doesn't need to change to a robot when I talk with people. It is great. Long ways away from fluent (whatever defines that) but I am grateful to be here and the Russian language is awesome. 

We had a lesson with an Atheist who said 5 months ago, "I will never set foot in this Church again." Well... he did. We had a great lesson with him. He asked why we called him again, and we said, "we believe in change and we believe in the Atonement." He left on great terms and hopefully we will keep working with him. 

We were able to go and see the Ukrainian "Statue of Liberty" today for P-day. It is pretty amazing. I will send some pictures of our adventure.

Have a great week! 

Elder Devashrayee

From our P-day adventure today....

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