Monday, January 9, 2017

Irreplaceable..... 1-9-17

This last week was great. 

This week we had our Second Christmas. Making that my 4th Christmas on the mission! That right there is evidence of the blessings that come from serving a mission. To celebrate, we baked a whole lot of brownies and tried to give them out to everyone in our building. There is 14 floors with around 6 apartments on each of the floor and we only had time to go to 8 of the floors but we had 8 doors that opened and it was great. One of them was an extremely drunk family and we found ourselves seated down at a table with people drinking and us being offered shot glasses while someone talked about how worshiping the sun, and Nazism is related haha. Another showed us his skinned wolf rug and offered us deer meat that he killed recently. On the other hand, we had an amazing family open up and we are really excited about working with them. 

We had a ward party this last week and my companion played the piano. It was a good for him to see the happiness him sharing his talents brought to the members. 

We went over to a less-active during the week and he invited us over for Christmas. That night, his mom (not a member) chewed him out for being 50-50 and not just fully doing what members should haha it was hilarious and even he had a good laugh. They prepared amazing food and Wow. 


That was the dinner table and then the amazing layered cake she made!
We are eating amazing food here. On Sunday, he came for the first time in a year! Good to see him there. 

We had a lesson with another less-active and it was about tithing. She said, "I have gotten the hint" and told us that she just couldn't pay at the moment. We bore our testimonies of the blessing of tithing and then said the closing prayer. At the end of the prayer she asked how to pay and we got out an envelope and helped her out.

.... Last month we payed the largest fast offering I have paid on the mission x 4. The next week, I lost my wallet. I keep little amounts of cash in my wallet and nothing of vital importance but all the same it was a bummer that I lost it. Tonight, we went to a family's home for dinner and returned the tupper-wear that they gave to us last time. After the meal they just refilled the containers and I am beginning to believe that we could survive in this ward without buying groceries. This ward is great. Paying our Fast-Offerings work!  

Artur will be going to Odessa for a mini mission before he heads to Australia and I am excited for him and jealous at the same time because of how much I love Odessa. 

The whole mission is putting more and more things aside and really trying to give the Lord everything. I feel like with every transfer there is more and more you realize that you can give and now I have around a 1/4 left and I am really working hard not to coast to the end. The more I sacrifice, the more the Lord gives. These times are irreplaceable and I love em'. 
Have a great week everyone.

Elder Devashrayee

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