Monday, January 30, 2017

Become Even Better.... 1-30-17

This last week was a great one, like so many others :)

For 3 days we had a mini MTC training where all of the missionaries that have arrived in the last 4 transfers went with their companions. Elder Reese fell in that category so we were able to go the temple site and receive instruction from President and Sister Packer. Here are some ideas / thoughts / quotes that I wrote down from that meeting: 

"Give all to the Lord as Quickly as possible!" -Sister Packer

"We cannot make people happier that we are, just as we cannot convert people beyond our own conversion." - Elder Kovalov

"We don't need to be afraid to invite people to exercise some faith. Give the Lord a reason to bless them and see what he does when they act." -President Packer

"We should not be so busy to get to the "work" that we pass all that "work" that was waiting for us and should have been done along the way" - President Packer

"Magnifying a calling does not mean that we expand our responsibilities, it is focusing on what we were called to do." -President Packer

"If you are active in the Gospel, being active in the Church is not even a question." -President Packer 

"Don't forget to put salt in the cheesecake" -President Packer haha 

Our calls are based on a certain time and geographical location. We are here to help people make something that is eternal. 

"On a mission, the only distraction is your own mind." -President Packer

"This work could happen without any of us, but the Lord allows us to be a part of it." Sister Packer
I am in the back corner working with a member. It was a great training by two great leaders!

Lots of great things happened this week. We were able to help a grandma clean her kitchen, did a book table with the district, and Elder Reese is a changed man. He was and is amazing, but this last week I really saw him come out of his shell and one of the assistants mentioned to me that he heard him say, "I have really come to love contacting." He has big things ahead of him and I love being a part of this process. 

I realized that I have gone throughout my whole mission without having received a blessing. I have set a number of goals and I am really stretching myself to the fullest extent to finish my mission strong. I asked Elder Reese to give me a blessing and it was exactly what I needed to know what and how I can leave it all in the mission field. 

This last week was great. There is a missionary that is going home that I have looked up to my whole mission. He is one of the greats and deserves to have a book written about him. He bore his testimony and said, "Only 2 or 3 months ago could I really say that as I looked at someone on the escalator that I truly loved them and saw them as a child of God." There is always more we can strive towards. We will never reach a point where we cannot become better. 

I hope that everyone has a great week! 

Love Elder Devashrayee

Here are a couple of photos from this past week.  Enjoy.
 Really :)
 Thank you notes/messages from my home ward - Thank you all!!! 
 Can't believe you still remember me ;)  See you all later this summer...
KFC Time with the guys!

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