Monday, January 2, 2017

21 Days..... 1-2-17

This last week was great!   I will start off in saying Happy New Years and good luck to everyone in the year of 2017! 

A list of interesting things that happened this last week: 

Got to "enlist" in the army here ;)  Just kidding mom! But was able to try on some pretty cool gear and yes, that gun is real. 
Notice my Armour protecting my heart - the Book of Mormon & our Black Book! 

A cat died at the end of a lesson that we had at a family's home that we have been trying to reach for a long time. They recently had a baby (8 months now) and haven't come back to church since then because they are scared that the baby will get sick. We blessed the home with health at the end of the discussion and then the cat died... the husband got all philosophical about what happened and we just got out of there quickly. 

This week Artur took out his endowments in the temple and I was able to be his escort! It was great to be there with him.  Here is the Demchenko Family - Artur is between me and Elder Reese.
We then took him out to eat after and it was a great time. We went to Puzata Hata - great meal!

We were able to make brownies with Daniel and invited a lot of the youth to come for Sloppy Joes also.  He is starting to come around more. It is good to see. Our Sloppy Joes were very plain tasting, to me, but all of the others loved it. As I told my family over skype, everything here is very mild and bland. Last time we "spiced" something up they couldn't eat it.

For New Years we made a huge pan of cheese fries (see the photos below) and I woke up to fireworks at night! Gave the new year a long and loud howl and went back to sleep.. 

The Bishopric made bags for about 25 of the members filled with products and we were able to help hand those out the members in need.  It was great to be in the service of the bishop here.

A member shared a story named 21- eggs that happened on his mission. Every morning he and his companion started the day together kneeling and praying to find a "golden" investigator. Every morning they would cross off the days on their 21 day calendar. They had high expectations, worked hard, set a goal that was visible and attainable, and ended up baptizing a family of 4 out of this act of faith. Within those 21 days a miracle occurred because they invited and allowed the Lord to help in his own work. I hope that we can all make goals this next year (or even over the next 3 weeks) and show the Lord we are ready to serve. 

This is a quote from Dieter F. Uchtdorf that I really enjoyed this last week. 
"I have confidence that we will not only be satisfied with the judgment of God;we will also be astonished and overwhelmed by His infinite grace, mercy, 
generosity, and love for us, His children." 

This last week I really enjoyed reading the General Conference talks. I would like to add my testimony that they can truly be treated as scripture for our day and we can find answers to our prayers reading them. I would like to invite you all to read a talk and really study and apply it this week. 

Tons of amazing little things this last week and not even half of them were mentioned. By small and simple things the work is moving along and I am on the hunt to save the "one". 

Elder Devashrayee

My New Year's Eve party food :)

1/3 bbq sauce, onions, chicken & corn 
1/3 just cheese and chicken
1/3 salsa and chicken

Ukrainian version of Nachos.  Potatoes are the base for almost everything here :)

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