Monday, December 12, 2016

"Willing"..... 12-12-16

This week a member of the Area Presidency stopped by the mission. He is the 2nd counselor and his name is Elder Katcher. I read an email from a missionary that had an Apostle come to their mission and it completely changed this missionary's outlook on life and the mission. I took that and thought that there is absolutely no reason we can't go into any meeting, reading of the Book of Mormon, church activity, or even a service opportunity without that mentality. I prepared mentally for the Conference, prayed for guidance in what I need to grow and do better in/with, and I received those very answers in the meeting. I have never had a bigger desire to become a better person/missionary and I want to keep this momentum to the end. There is always something more we can do. It completely takes out the "I" and allows us to be instruments in God's hands. 

Treat this next Sunday as if the Prophet were coming and talking at Sacrament Conference. Even if the Prophet came to talk and we weren't receptive to the Holy Ghost, we wouldn't walk away with any spiritual uplift. One of the biggest gifts we have is the Holy Ghost, and it can be with us on any lesson or at any time. Whether that be a sacrament meeting, Priest Quorum, Primary, or even Young Womens/Mens. "All the Lord requires is an open heart and willing mind." I think this last week, something clicked inside of me to a higher level of "willing". When we give those little things to the Lord, he compensates and gives back 100x. 

Had the opportunity this week to have a delicious meal prepared by this amazing women. I have grown to love the food here, especially when someone else makes it :)

This last week we met with our investigator that is struggling with drinking coffee. Since he does not yet have a testimony of Joseph Smith, the Word of Wisdom does not have significant meaning for him. We showed him the Prophet's recent talk on that subject, shared a lot of personal experiences, and the Spirit was one of the strongest as I have felt on a lesson. There was no way he couldn't feel it! The idea popped into my head to ask if he would like to receive a blessing to help him live the Word of Wisdom. He agreed and it was a great experience. He then told us that he had already agreed with a friend to grab some coffee after our lesson. We told him that God was testing him and wished him the best. 

Later that day, on our way to a different lesson, we somehow ran into him and his friend waiting in line at a "Coffee and Tea" shop. We said hello, talked for a bit and left. We didn't mention the coffee or anything. We wanted this to be his decision. The more we thought about what just happened these thoughts came to our heads:  To be in that very spot. To see him and his friend in line. For him to be there at that time. For us to have had that lesson in the morning of that very day. That fact that you can buy tea or coffee at nearly every store in Kiev but that they were right in our path. This was no coincidence! We saw the promise of 1 Corinthians 10:13 put to work right in front of our very eyes. The only problem was that the investigator didn't seem to quite grasp what had happened. He has been searching for a sign and God gave it right to him. We fasted with him this last week and we will see what happens. 

It has snowed here and is very cold! Here are a couple of my favorite shots from this week. 
A quote that I liked this last week. "Miracles don't build faith. Faith comes through prayer, fasting and the Holy Ghost." I agree that miracles strengthen faith, but I have run into too many people that have seen miracles, and have now lost the faith. 

I hope you all have a great week and help others see the miracles in their own lives. 

Elder Devashrayee

We were able to go bowling again for Pday... fun times with them all.

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