Monday, November 21, 2016

Grateful..... 11-21-16

This last week was great. I had to say goodbye to Elder Breinholt and picked up Elder Reese. Elder Reese went to Westlake High and lives in Lehi. He was over the MUN and debate at that school. He was originally assigned to Rostov, Russia but served in LA for a transfer while he waited a visa for Ukraine.
 Derek & Elder Reese

 Down by the Dnepr (The Big River that runs through Kyiv)

This last week was great. On Monday, we set up a FHE with a grandma and we got there on time and more and more members kept showing up. I turned my back to look at some pictures on the wall and turned around and the next thing I knew there were a bunch of Ukrainians singing happy birthday in English with a cheesecake in front of me. It was great night and I truly felt grateful and the love from the ward. The Cheesecake was wonderful! If you know me you know I love that stuff!

I met my new companion at the temple sight early Wednesday morning and we had a big testimony meeting with all of the new missionaries and their trainers. One part that I said that I hadn't thought before, "I have never regretted giving something over to the Lord... whether it was my time, helping someone else, or even sin, etc." First time I had born my testimony in English for the longest time, but it was a great experience. 

We took the initiative to find more people in the ward. We knocked on apartment doors of a lot of less-actives on Saturday and only one was home. We got inside, but the member wasn't there. The mother invited us to come back the next night but wasn't sure if it would work out. The next morning we were getting ready to go to Church and out of the blue I grabbed a chocolate bar and put it into my bag. Wasn't sure why I did it and thought about it. We had talked about bringing something to the house as a gift the night before and instantly I knew for a fact that 1. We wouldn't be home the rest of the day (we would be busy) 2. The lesson would work out. That is exactly what happened. 

I have tried to become a better example of not just doing missionary things, but receiving revelation to do the work as the Lord would. Grateful to be a missionary. 
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Happy Birthday to my Dad (Craig) and Travis! 

Be Grateful,
Elder Devashrayee

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