Monday, October 17, 2016

Stranger to Good Friend..... 10-17-16

Great last week. I have some thoughts to share this week. 

1. Last Monday, we had to do registration on P-day and it took up about 3 hours. Our President really wants us to protect our P-day time and if things like that happen, he allows us to use the time that we lost. Everything went fine and honestly we were able to finish everything we needed to in the time that was allotted. We scheduled with a less-active to meet us in the church at 6:30. We just kept emailing past 6 (The time P-day is supposed to end) and waited for him to show up in the church. We waited and I kept getting the feeling that we should go see if he was nearby but didn't until 6:40 rolled around. We called him and he said he was just outside the church so we hurried and turned off the computers and ran outside. He thought we agreed on 5:30 and had been standing outside on the corner for an hour in the cold. I felt horrible. We have been working hard with him and he is really turning a new leaf. He shook it off, and we headed to the bishop's house together for FHE. I couldn't forgive myself while we were walking and truly felt remorse for my decision and the consequence it had on Alexander. On the way, in the park, a grandma slipped in the mud and took a hard fall. We only were able to notice by the yell that came out when she hit the ground. It was dark and was only going to get darker and colder. We ran over and helped her up and in a minute or so, she was on her way and very grateful. There was no one else in the area and who knows what would've happened to that grandma if we wouldn't have been there..

I was grateful that God knew I didn't do the right thing, but then showed me his trust and led us to help that grandma. 

2. We were planning a lesson and both felt like we should teach the Restoration to a lady that can't come to church because of her health. Her friend happened to be there and she will now be in touch with missionaries in Lviv. We were prepared and the missionaries are getting a present over there now. We all love those types of gifts on our mission :)

3. A lady in the ward really was touched by D. Todd Christofferson's talk, and she had us watch it again with her this week. She related it to dealing with weaknesses. We all have them and instead of pushing them aside and acting as if we don't have them, we need to admit them and pray to God for strength. Great Advice.   All of the talks are great and every talk can teach you something new if you let it! 

4. We called this week from the area book and invited a complete stranger to have a discussion with us.  He then invited us to join him by the lake to fish. We couldn't turn that down. That is an amazing area, you can feel so close to our Father.  His name is Sasha. He was a total stranger before this morning, but now we are good friends. We ended up giving him a Book of Mormon and a Rice Crispie treat, they go great together :)
He even let me try his fishing pole, that is a sign of trust and friendship... ask any real fisherman :)

4. I had a talk this Sunday that I had been preparing since last Tuesday when the call came. I was given the choice on what to talk about and this is the story I shared.... It came to my mind and I hope it was accurate enough.. It was a long time ago.   BUT.....  I am honoring my P-day time today so I have too little time... That story that will have to wait until next week. We have to go and set up for an activity right now... Have a great one! 

I love Grandma Johnson!!! I am sad that I didn't have a chance to say goodbye in person, but know I love you and I am so glad you are able to play your piano now!  But it makes sense, she came to my mind recently. I pray she knows I love her and Frank! Never forget them! M&Ms, mowing the lawn, planting flowers, and sneaking over there to hangout and my mom had no idea where we were.... good times and fun memories.

Love you all,
Elder Devashrayee

Had a great time by the lake.... it is really an amazing place. Here are a couple of more photos from our adventure there. There are several other in the photo link...
 Those are paddle boats that they use during the summer. Not sure I would trust them though :)

Yep, that is frost on those weeds... it is getting cold here!
Made homemade Ukrainian Juice today... 
A cup of Sugar, plums, grapes, and apples all cut up and boiled. Good stuff. Cheap too. 
 A member from my old ward brought me his book of poetry he published. Brother Ковальов

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