Monday, October 31, 2016

Out All Day..... 10-31-16

This last week was a great one. October came and went very fast and I hope that everyone has a great Halloween!

We had a very busy week and were always on the go. Best feeling when you are out all day. Lots of things happened this last week that weren't planned but worked out for the best. Every time a lesson is cancelled it is because the Lord wants us somewhere else and it turned
out that way a number of occasions this last week. We have found a handful of people in the area that have gone less-active and haven't had any contact with the church for a number of years. That has to be my favorite part about missionary work.

We saw a fruit from our fasting and book table last week in the other area in our district. One of them happened to live in our area, has been reading the Book of Mormon since then, came to church, and set up a return lesson with us. You are blessed if you do what you are supposed to do.

Went and raked leaves and did service at a place that I was at last year at this same time... crazy how time flies.

Back row, second in on the left... and YES! I LOVE my hat :)

Sunday we spent our day going around with a Priest from our ward, planning on going on a mission, and blessed the sacrament for a lot of grandmas :). We ended up at one house with an active grand-daughter and her Mom but the husband had refused to be present for the "spiritual thoughts" that have been held in his house in the past. They have been members for 15 or so years and last night the daughter invited him in and he accepted. I quickly asked the wife and daughter what we should talk about because I didn't know this man at all. They said, "this is a very special opportunity because he never agrees, so just go by the Spirit." I felt like I held the eternal happiness of a family in my hands when he walked in and we started. I knew that I couldn't do or say the right thing alone and I really just tried to follow the spirit. Ended up getting a return appointment and it never would have happened if our other lessons didn't happen, if this Priest wasn't with us, and if the Lord hadn't 
prepared the way.

What would you have said?       What would have been the theme of the lesson?

At the end of the lesson I had the feeling to give the Grandmother a blessing for health. Grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary.

Hope you all have a great week.


Elder Devashrayee

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