Monday, October 10, 2016

Meek & Humble..... 10-10-16

This last week was great. I don't have a lot of time today to type. We did get a home made apple pie brought to us today while we are typing our emails home. This cool older lady is the one who brought us lunch last week and then the pie today. I love my "hook-ups" here :)

We have a lot of good things rolling from this last transfer and I was given a lot to work with. Elder Breinholt is awesome. He was born in Russia and put in an orphanage, he was then adopted at age 7 into a great Mormon family. He has brought a new spirit to the apartment and the area.

Having Elder Breinholt is a change going from a native speaker as a companion to a missionary that is still fairly new. He works hard and is great to be around. The Lord calls meek and humble servants and he is just that.  Can't believe I was such a newbie when I arrived. Elder Gorba was so patient with me.

We talked with our Ward Mission Leader at the beginning of the week and he suggested taking a whole lot of different members on lessons throughout the week. We followed his advice and a lot of good came from it. Really reached out to some people that needed help this week and they were extremely grateful and I have seen the progression in them since I have been here.  We need to listen to those who hold the keys for those we are trying to reach. 

I haven't had to cook everyday like I have in other areas. There are awesome members who invite us to dinner a few nights a week. One of them had the table set like this when we arrived. It was delicious! It was a stew/soup type thing in the crock pots. The bread was amazing as well.

We met with one man that seems to be in depression most of the time. We have tried helping him and we continue teaching him. Guess what, he showed up this last Sunday in a white shirt and a tie! It was great to see. He watched Conference and even smiled a bit here and there. The gospel is full of Joy, hard to deny that.

Heard that my grandparents, Steve and Susan Pohlman, are going to serve in the Scottland, Ireland Mission! They are a great example to me and I am excited for them! It will be hard not to see them at the airport when I get home, but they are doing what is best and I am excited to hear their experiences as well.

Fun Fact of the week:
Met a man that has dedicated his life to bread. He works in the field of Bread technology and has been studying bread for the past 15 years. Glory to Ukraine. 

Elder Devashrayee 

The weather is changing here. We have had a lot of rain lately. Some of the streets have been slightly flooded. Also have had some awesome sunsets. Here are a couple of photos of those as well.

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