Monday, October 3, 2016

Clean Filters...... 10-3-16

Solid last week in the three-some. Unfortunately, both of my companions will be leaving the area and I will miss them. It has been a great last 6 weeks full of good memories. Three people makes it a lot easier to joke and mess with each other and that is just what we did, but while doing what needed to be done in this area.
One last photo with our District

I will be with Elder Breinholt. He will be in his 3rd transfer and I got to know him a little bit in my last area. It will be a big transition for the ward and for me, but I am excited to get things rolling again. The native that was here, Elder яшевский, served for a long time in this area and when the bishop starts to tear up when he gives him a hug you know that you have big shoes to fill. 

This happens to us all of us in life. I was starting to get the sense that every member was really bummed that I was staying and it was going to look like a long time before I could work well with the members. Just at that moment, a family came up to me and scheduled for us to come over later in the week so they could meet my new companion. It was just what I needed and I was grateful for them. 

Whether you are in a ward with a new bishop, new young men's leader, or home teacher...... or at work with a new boss, with a new employee, or even in a family with a new parent... in school with a new teacher, students/friends, or coach.... show them your love and support instantaneously. They are in enough stress/concern about doing the right thing and not undoing the good that was done by the people ahead of them. 

We all have our different strengths and weaknesses. I gained a new appreciation and saw it from the other perspective this last week and will try to always be observant to this in life. 

A wonderful Sister, Tatiana, made us borscht and lots of good food and brought it to the branch for us while we email today. I really do love the people here.

Conference was great. I have only seen a portion, but will not go on and give you my "analysis". Go watch it yourself! The Holy Ghost will help you know what you need to learn. Have a great week. 

Elder Devashrayee

One thought about conference though....  We had to change our water filters, and it made me think of Conference and how that can be our "clean" filter. We can listen, learn, and clean up ourselves and start new.  The old filters were pretty bad! Glad/appreciative for a new one to install ;) Physically and Spiritually!

our filters... = before and after watching Conference

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