Monday, September 26, 2016

Place of Refuge...... 9-26-16

Great last week just not a lot of time to type about it. 

I feel like this week we really connected with the ward and especially the young men and it made a huge difference. We were able to go over to most of the youths homes and have little family home evenings, invite most of them to come on lessons with us, and then on Saturday we all played a little soccer. Good times. 

We also were able to find a number of less-actives that have fallen off the deep-end and it is always great to find them and help them out because more often than not they are just waiting for someone to come along and extend a helping hand. It is easy to be that hand.

We found an investigator, had the first lesson and then 2 days later met with him again. He came with 3 pages full of questions from the internet. Instead of taking a little time to actually read the Book of Mormon, he embarked on an internet quest to find out what he could to disprove the Book of Mormon. One thing I have learned is that discussions/debates about Joseph Smith are pointless without a testimony of the Book of Mormon. 

We went over to probably one of the most well-off families in the Church here in Ukraine and it was a blast. Family of 5 kids, and inside the home was truly a feeling of peace and love.
 A couple of their kids
 Sasha is the boy's name
Best soccer field I have seen yet, but it was their back yard!

We gave out a lot commitments this last week for families to make their house an extension of the temple/a place of refuge. This week do the same and decide 1 thing you can do to create an environment of love in the home. 

I have recently finished the New Testament and it has helped me a ton. I am now starting D&C and am excited to learn more about Joseph Smith. This last week, I really tried to make an effort during every lesson to sit back and say a little prayer in my head while we taught. I felt a huge difference in really trying to rely on the Lord more and more. 

My favorite scripture this week was D&C 3:10. We are called to the work, but we all make mistakes. All the Lord asks of us is to repent and try again. The mission is great. A year ago, the New Testament was a little confusing. This time when I read it, it seemed as if it was opened up to me to a deeper level, and I know that I have barely skimmed the surface. Hope you all have a great week. 

Elder Devashrayee

Here are some photos we took over the last week or so. Thought of our leaves changing there in our mountains, while looking at the aspens here.

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