Monday, September 12, 2016

Be Content & Grateful..... 9-12-16

Good week. Not a whole lot to comment on, the good times just keep on rollin'. 

I had an exchange with a younger missionary this week from North Carolina. His Russian was awesome and he is half a year behind me. The difference in Elder's that I have seen is mostly whether or not they set goals, and whether or not they have the motivation/determination to finish them. This Elder was a great example to me. He had set a goal to try to start a conversation with 1000 people over this next week. A goal like that had never even crossed my mind. 

We have had to travel through the "forest" in our area quite a bit lately. It is pretty cool!

Had an interesting visit this last week. When asking the parents of a family for people they know who could be interested in the gospel, the lesson took a nose dive quick. He had tried to share the gospel with about 3 co-workers over the last 20 years and hadn't seen anything come from it. He had lost the faith that what we are sharing is "worth it". He has seen people join the Church, and then seen their life turn for the worst. The world can be unfair and hard at times, but the Church "works" as well as you let it. The moment we start expecting the Lord to raise our salaries, not give us hardships, and providing us a reason to be happy is the moment that the feeling of entitlement runs our lives. He said a sentence that really stuck out to me.. "I have reached the point in life (40+) where I now have everything that I ever asked for. A family. A house. Good income. Everything. Now the hardest part is just being content and grateful."  I left the lesson a little frustrated and didn't know what and how to help this man and his family. The next morning I read James 1 in the Bible. I took the whole hour to read it over and over and many great things stood out to me. Take some time and discuss this chapter with somebody/study it your self! 

Being in a three-some, at one point I found myself being a Laman/Lemuel with another companion while one was obviously resembling Nephi. The moment it hit me, I quickly changed my attitude and was grateful for the correction from the Lord.  We all matter and we each have strengths.

One person stopped us on the street and demanded to see my documents... I told him that I didn't need to show him anything and didn't want to argue or have any trouble. Next thing I knew he was trying to push me around and even called the cops to come and take us away. I was very bugged and had a lot of anger built up inside to this man. I hadn't done anything wrong. I was minding my own business. I am only here to help and serve people and this man had it out for me... Jesus Christ went through all of this without end and somehow remained sinless. He is the only one that could do so. I know that I didn't last 2 minutes.

Grateful for the mission and the lessons we are taught. Grateful for the Savior and the peace he brings to those when the world is at it's worst. Love you all at home. Have a great week. 

Go Utes :)

Elder Devashrayee 

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