Monday, August 29, 2016

Upped My Goals...... 8-29-16

Good last week. Ended up not going to the one neighboring ward, and was put into a three-some. Ended up not opening a second apartment in the other area, and now two companion-ships are trios. I am serving with Elder яшевский (from Kazakstan and he is only one transfer behind me) and Elder Young (from Idaho). Elder Young was in my district in the MTC but stayed in Utah a couple of transfers because of a broken wrist. My new ward is the Воскрасенский ward. We had about 120 people at church and it was awesome. It is awesome serving with a native and it helps a ton. 

Last P-day the Senior Missionaries (the Woods) took the district out to lunch. We ate the best sirloin ever. 

Can you find me???  :)

I said goodbye to my comrade from the Isle of Man, it was a great transfer with him. I learned a lot from the lad.  But I will now be able to use what I have learned and learn something new from my new Companions. Only trying to improve!

1st lessons are always interesting. You never know why the person wants to meet and really even much about the person. We had one this week where we met in a cafe with a women about the age of 40. She was trying to sell us some energy things and wanted us to tell our friends back home and get it big. She then tried to be polite and order us tea. At this point the "Word of Wisdom" was already on the table and ready to, this was going to be interesting. In the end, the waiter brought her tea and it was really awkward seeing what she would do with it. We ended up paying for her tea and walked out with her. Funny times, you just never know what to expect. 

This last transfer I have really upped my goals in every aspect, and I have felt a difference. The more I rely on the Lord, the more he gives. The more I trust him and stretch myself, the more he qualifies me for my calling, and the more I "knock", the more I see when he answers and how. The mission is great! 

Hope you all have a great week, especially at school :)

Elder Devashrayee

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