Monday, August 1, 2016

Reach Our Potential..... 8-1-16

Another week came and gone. Not a whole lot to talk about. The town that we are working in is really coming along and we have found a lot of work there. One of my favorite things about this week is that we have found a member who was baptized about 5 years ago and has gone in-active. He now has a wife and a 1 month old baby. They are an awesome family and we are hoping to not only bring back the man, but help the rest of his family too.

Guess who I ran into up in Kyiv last week. Elder Gorba - my trainer! It was great seeing him again.  I didn't feel quite as small as I did the first time I met him :)

We do have a Young Man in the ward that is leaving on his mission soon. So the ward had a party for him. We played soccer in the "forest" nearby. It was a pretty sweet soccer field.

This week it occurred more that I would try to talk to someone and bring up the gospel. I did that and someone who was nearby heard me get rejected and then they came up and wanted to know why I just got yelled at haha. Great way to contact I guess. Shows that as long as we do what is necessary, the Lord will fill in the rest.

Met with a family that is from Wales this last week and the father and my companion (from the Isle of Man) had a conversation where it would have been easier to understand in Russian than the form of English I was hearing :) It was good for my companion to have someone like that to talk to though.

I just wanna let everyone know that the fruit here is amazing. Off the tree. In the market. So good! Also did some service out in the middle of no where this week. A cool little village.

My favorite verse that I read this week was Romans 5:19.  We can all be examples. We have the responsibility to help people reach their potential here, and we can achieve that by making sure that every interaction helps uplift them. I have seen it in my life where a person can either uplift and help others make the right decision, or vise versa. I am grateful for those people who made me want to become better, and apologize for the times that I was the one leading people astray. 

The mission is awesome. A missionary came in about 2 weeks ago and said the closing prayer of a District Meeting, and it was the most spiritual part of the meeting for me. Humility and meekness are keys to receiving blessings, and in all reality, happiness. Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Devashrayee

Here are some pics of the area in Kyiv I am now serving in.

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