Monday, August 22, 2016

One Subject At A Time....... 8-22-16

Great week. It might just be more of a list this week due to time....

Tuesday was a weird day: While contacting we met a lady who was convinced that Jesus Christ was alive and well and resides in Spain. She gave me a picture of some wise looking dude to prove it. At one point I was reading a book of Prophecies written by Nostradamus that I was given by another person. It was at a little market. But finally at one point we had a small group around us asking us about the Book of Mormon. Strange event.

We had our interviews with President and we talked about goal setting. The way he sees it, if we set high goals and then work our hardest but don't quite reach them, we accomplish 20% more then we ever would have in the first place.  I like him a lot. He makes you think and it makes sense. 

We had a picnic in Borispol and it was a great turnout! We brought the brownies and also made Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches for everyone, it was awesome. This whole last transfer was worth it to get everyone together out there. We had a number of less-actives and a part member family that we are working with there. There was a sweet little sand soccer field nearby also. They really do love soccer more than basketball over here. I had fun with all of them.

Sunday was great. I was asked to give a talk because a couple speakers didn't show up 5 minutes before church started. If I was asked to do something like that a year ago I would have ran out the doors and not come back, believe me! The talk went alright, but I learned the importance of picking one subject and really making sure it sticks. I had about 3 that I tried to all tie together with verses and stuff and it got a little confusing. I didn't even know what I wanted to say in English, let alone Russian. 

Later that night, we went to a lesson and all of a sudden we became Amway customers. Amway is a business that is run like a pyramid scheme, and a 19 year old Ukrainian was trying to get us to buy and join. We thought that we were going to teach the Restoration, but 5 minutes in I just sat back and tried to take it as though I was an investigator. I learned a lot of important things and realized how boring/irritating it can be to be an investigator. Lots of things I can improve on as a teacher. 

Found out that I will be leaving my area and it was a blow to me. I envisioned myself in this little town for a long time! This last transfer living with the Assistants and working in this area has been the funnest/hardest working transfer of my mission.  I have grown to love this place. This is just one of the cool places I have seen while I was here....

I will be serving in a neighboring ward with a missionary also from a different area, in a new apartment. I have no idea what to expect, but I am excited. 

God loves you, so love others! 2 Corinthians 1:3-4   I am very thankful for everyone who is a part of my life.

Elder Devashrayee

I definitely have been eating much healthier since I have been here. This lunch is much better for me than those 'HOT POCKETS' and fruit snacks I would devour for lunch during my senior year. I have been blessed with some great food here.  I wouldn't mind some of my old eating habits once in a while though ;)

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