Monday, August 8, 2016

Be Happy for Others..... 8-8-16

Great week. Here are some of the highlights for me. 

We did a book-stand outside of the metro right next to the bus that takes us to our area (Borispil) so we could hopefully find some people that were going home from work. We were there for a couple of hours and to be honest we did not have much success at all. At one point a girl walking bye dropped a little money out of her pocket and didn't notice. I noticed and so did a grandma nearby. She picked up the money and tried to call the girl back but she had headphones in. There was no way this grandma was going to catch the girl, so I offered to grab the money and catch up with the girl to give it back. The grandma didn't trust me, so I just ran and tapped the girl's shoulder as the grandma slowly but surely came to give her her money back. It lasted maybe 20 seconds, but for 2 hours it was completely worth it to me. Our life on Earth is just like these 20 seconds, and I was grateful for the opportunity. 

We had a great day planned this last week with a lot of lessons in Borispil. The moment we hopped on the bus out to the area, all of the people we planned to meet with either didn't answer or told us that they could not meet. It was one of those moments that you just had to laugh at and realize that it was not the plan that God wanted for that day. We spent a good day contacting and found a family that we visited later in the week in a small village that has 4 sons! 

I was on an exchange this week with Elder Plewe.

We were able to teach one of my favorite lessons so far on the mission. Two men about the age of 50 were seated with us at a ghetto picnic table and we laid the Book of Mormon down on the table and their attention was immediately on us and we taught the Restoration. The lesson went really well and I kinda felt like a school teacher. 

Some person asked me, "If you died today, where would you go? Heaven or Hell." I answered with Heaven and he asked me why. I started talking about baptism, priesthood power, and the Book of Mormon... he then said, "Wrong." He continued and said, "Only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ." I agreed with him 100% and realized that sometimes I get away from the basics. As great and as true as our unique message is, it is only through the Atonement that we can live in the presence of God again. 

One of the awesome Grandma's here has this "hut" that she studies in. It is the coolest thing. I would "study and sleep" in there all of the time. So peaceful!

Funny thing this week.... I got "child locked" out of the microwave???  No idea how but it locked me out completely! My cooking skills have improved and I usually don't use it, but what the heck? 

Saw a sticker on a bus this week that said, Дай вам Бог того, что вы желаете другим. Hard to translate but Google translate puts it "May God give you what you want for others. " 
Try to be happy for the success of others this week and wish all the best.
Have a great week,
Elder Devashrayee

Derek sent us a separate email about a cool experience the whole mission is having. This is a copy of what Derek's Mission President (Pres Packer, the Grandson of President Boyd K Packer) sent the missionaries about this event - They are celebrating 25 years in Ukraine. Derek was one of the missionaries that were present for this. 

As you all know, we are celebrating 25 years from the dedication of Ukraine for the spreading of the Restored Gospel. To celebrate this occasion, Sister Close, an excellent painter and temple missionary, will be painting a recreation of the dedication. On Monday, we saw Sister Close in the grocery store. She asked if we could get enough missionaries and members together at 7:00am at the Volodymyr Statue to take a picture that she could paint from. It was very short notice but many came. We were richly rewarded for being there. President Lobada and three others from the original group came and shared testimonies. There was a nonmember man invited into the circle by a set of our missionaries who also shared the experience with us. The spirit was as strong as I have ever felt it. There were many more people who participated in the special moment there from beyond the veil. 25 years ago when President Boyd K Packer and Elder Dallin H Oaks pronounced the dedicatory prayer it had been a 1000 years since Volodymyr the Great established Christianity here in this land. Generations of believers are praying from beyond the veil that their posterity will find the restored gospel and the saving ordinances that can now be performed in the Holy Temple. Those that have ears will hear and those with eyes will see. This include us. Pray with your whole souls that God will open your eyes, your ears, and your hearts so that you can understand the role you play in this important part of the Lord's vineyard.

Volodymyr the Great - Statue

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