Friday, July 29, 2016

Wanted That Moment Back...... 7-25-16

This last week was a good one. We were just about to walk into a family home evening and received a call that I needed to go to some urgent registration. We were able to go into the family to say hi and have a really quick thought and then we had to leave in about 10 minutes. We didn't feel too good about the situation or the lesson and felt bad that it was so rushed and short, but felt that it was better than just cancelling. While trying to find the mailing place before the store closed the son came up behind us and said, "my mom felt like you needed my help and sent me." He is 17 and a stud. He helped us find the place before it closed. If we wouldn't have gotten there on time it would have taken a good 2 days out of our schedule to get it all figured out. We made the deal with him that we would contact 5 people and then bought him ice cream. It really increased our relationship with him and I knew that that was exactly what the family needed.

We are working in a smaller town called Borispil half of the week. But these photos are in Alexandrivkaya.

We were contacting there and we stopped a person on the street and started talking with him. The next thing we know a Provoslavny Priest came up and started yelling at us and saying that we don't believe in Christ and denouncing us right there on the sidewalk in front of a ton of people. This is a moment where I wish I could press "pause" and really think of something good to say or what to do. Without having a universal remote, I just opened my mouth and instantly it became an argument between him and I without even having those intentions.There is a line between defending what you believe and arguing. I realized what had happened and then stopped talking. He definitely "won" the word battle, but I really wanted that moment back. Hard situations to be in. Hard to know how to act/what to say.

We visited a couple that was baptized almost a year ago. They are the most grateful people that I have ever met and they live in the middle of nowhere and in an old aircraft storage unit. They are amazing people. The commute they make to church is enough of a sacrifice, and later in the day (Saturday night) they showed up to clean the Church and were nothing but smiles knowing that they would be back the next morning. When I first met the husband the first week, he slipped me a little candy and I didn't think anything about it. After we visited them, we walked off with half of their kitchen it seemed like. They just gave and gave and gave and we felt bad about taking it but couldn't refuse the line, "it's from Jesus, not us"! Great family. I seem to have those visits here and there that really put life back into perspective. They have the bare minimums and are the happiest people ever. 

Great time to be in Ukraine. One of the things that hit me this week was reading more about the Atonement. Jesus had no debt to the law of justice (he lived a sinless life), so he was able to pay the debt of all those that don't quite make it (all of mankind). I am grateful for the atonement and the ability to change. Change doesn't have to wait. The biggest thing that is necessary is the belief that others can access the atonement and change. D&C 45: 3-5

Have a great week! 
Elder Devashrayee

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