Monday, June 13, 2016

Sharing Our Talents.... 6-13-16

This was a great last week. Obviously, the highlight was Elder Ballard! It was great to hear from him and the most that I took from him is I need to open my mouth more. All of the big guns from Eastern Europe were there also and it was a great 2 hours. 
This is our entire Kyiv Ukraine Mission - all together to hear Brother Ballard Speak.
I am in the second to last row and the third from the left...

Here are some of the major things I got out of it: 
*Talking slowly is not a bad thing at all. 
*Don't move on to a new subject until you have asked questions that make sure they understand.
*You can be reverent always. That doesn't mean being quiet at Church, it means that we revere and love our Father in Heaven and our actions reflect that love. 
*Are you angry or offended? Get over it.
*This is the Lord's time. Not yours. 
*Whenever you feel prideful in anyway, mentally go to the Garden of Gethsemane and remember what Jesus Christ did for us and how he felt. 
*Be in a Hurry to prepare this dispensation. 
Sister Packer (Mission President's Wife) had a few words that were great also. She used 1 Nephi 15:24 and talked about the divine power of the Book of Mormon. I realized that I had gotten comfortable on the mission in my studies and wasn't really pushing myself how I should. Don't ever get comfortable, always push for more! 

I have set a new goal to be able to write down the name of something to remember from each conversation every day and try to increase that number every day. I encourage you to start with 1 a week and see where it leads! 
We contacted in the park with a book-stand and a poster of Jesus Christ and many great things followed. We had a number of lessons right there on the spot and found some amazing people. We then tried a lemonade stand later in the week and it was a complete bust, weird huh! For some reason people here don't want free lemonade... 
No one wanted our Lemonade???
While up in Kyiv I was able to stop by a few old Members in the area that I used to serve in and it was great to see them. Can't believe it has been so long. Tatiana Poliakova is a member in Kyiv. We got completely soaked in the rain and she fed us and gave us a little lesson about sharing our talents (a little basket of candies) Elder Young and I went over there a lot when we served there. 
 Me, Elder Young and Sister Poliakova

I had the opportunity to shake Elder Ballard's hand and it was awesome. I was thinking of what I could say to him and the only thing was felt appropriate was "Thank you for your service." These people give their lives to serve the Lord and we can do the same in our own way daily. 
Have a great week! 
Elder Devashrayee

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