Monday, June 20, 2016

Listen..... 6-20-16

Sweat. 'how I would describe this last.  It officially got hot in Odessa. Good times keep rollin' though. This last week, cherries and all sorts of berries are starting to appear on the trees and it is the hardest not to just stop and eat cherries every time you see a tree. This last week I also earned $20 the hard way, but I will let the pictures do the talking.... 

I tried to switch up the way I approach people this week on transport. One of my favorite was to pull out a pamphlet and ask people which picture of Jesus they like the best. They would then pick and we would discuss and then I would end up "Gifting" them the picture as long as the pamphlet. If nothing more, it brought some smiles. 

I was on an exchange with Elder Young (my second companion from Alta that I served in Kyiv with) and it was great to serve with him again for a day. He helped me up my Organization as a missionary and really taught me a lot. He is one missionary that I know will get 100% out of his mission and helped me learn how to do the same for myself. The way he approached the language is that he wants to double-major in it when he gets home. He is looking at the big picture and that is why his Russian is incredible at this point. Great Friend/Missionary. 

We had a lesson with the friend of a less-active this week and it was one of the lessons that I will not forget. She came to us completely open and knew that our Church helps with quitting smoking. I felt completely led the whole lesson and said things and went ways that I have never taught before. I felt that I was truly an instrument in God's hands for a solid 30 minutes and it was a great feeling. She said the closing prayer and started bawling, the Spirit filled the room and I felt as if someone lightly placed their hand on my shoulder. Hard to explain. I got the feeling of someone saying, "thanks for listening". It was incredible. Now it is up to her to act. 

I learned how to work an abacus this last week from a less active. Whoo! It wasn't easy, and I think I will keep using my calculator when I get back :)

We had another ward picnic and received a call the night before saying that we need to make a lot of brownies.... my training has finally come into effect. I was ready for the call haha. With the Mikkelsen's recipe in hand (THANK YOU!!!) we cranked out 5 big batches of brownies in time for the next day and the branch really enjoyed them. We were heroes! The picnic was a blast and there was some 5 on 5 Bball and volleyball and all sorts of good food.  

I was reading a scripture and it really hit me, especially for being on the mission during the Summer. Often, I hear "I am missing out" or "I wish I was there right now" and I found the perfect verses. I am reading the New Testament at the moment and found a verse in Mark 10: 28-30. I know that what I am doing here is totally worth it and I will receive blessings 100 fold and feel them daily. I hope everyone is having a great summer and doing fun things, but I am grateful to be here in Ukraine and do the Lord's work. Have a great week and stay safe! 

-Elder Devashrayee
Here are some of the scenery shots from this week. This place really is amazing!

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