Monday, June 27, 2016

A Family Affair...... 6-27-16

This week I have a whole new appreciation for missionaries that work in hot weather, but they have no idea how it feels to be on a jam-packed bus full of people dripping sweat and yelling at the driver, or maybe they do???

This last week was great. Had a few exchanges and one of them was with a native. His name is Elder Preshipchook. He is waiting for his visa to serve in Utah, but at the moment is serving in Odessa. His father found a Book of Mormon in a pile of books ready to be thrown away, brought it home, put it on the shelf, and then a number of years later the Missionaries knocked on his door and showed him the same book. The whole family was later converted and now his son (Elder P) is serving a mission. God works in many ways. Great story. Everyone has a slightly different take on how to teach a lesson "correctly" and it opens my perspective whenever I teach with a native. 

I spent a good 3 hours for 3 days in a row doing registration. At times, it is very inconvenient and takes up a lot of time, but is necessary. Our landlady's daughter was helping us out and we had some miscommunication (as expected) and we showed up 15 minutes late. She ripped us out and was in a horrible mood. We then just talked with her and she slowly just began to be nicer and nicer and by the end we were great friends. Just a small example of how people can change. 

We have an investigator who is really progressing at the moment. I kid you not, the light in his eyes just keeps getting brighter and brighter. His countenance is changing as well as his testimony. It is great to see. Anyone can change if they want to.

We painted some rails at a smaller soccer stadium this week and it was a good time. Not a lof of people showed up, but it was almost better. Great bonding time with some of the members. 

Another service opportunity this week, we were able to clean up an area around garbage bins. It seemed as if there was no garbage in the actual bins, but everywhere around. Had some really great conversations out of it. 

Random fact of the week: I contacted someone on a horse. 

Sunday Morning we got up early and Elder Jorgensen was able to see his cousin get baptized over skype. He is my age and went to a year of school in South Carolina. Saw some missionaries there and met with them. Before all of this, he had been on a few scouting activities and had seen great examples in those around him. He came back home from college and was a gift to the missionaries serving in his hometown, San Diego. Goes to show that whether you "reap or sow" how great shall be your joy in seeing one come unto Christ.  It was so cool!

Reading the New Testament is a great experience. The challenge I would like to offer is to invite someone over for a meal this next week in some shape or form that could use a good meal/good company. Luke 14: 12-14 really stuck out to me this week. I was reading "Only an Elder" at some point this last week and a phrase also went really well with this. "Salvation is a family affair" God gave us families to help and support us. He gave us our amazing families to be able to reach out and help others. I am grateful for all of those that have been family to me, and am grateful to God for their influences. Help others see the light that the gospel brings to you and/or your family this week! 

Elder Devashrayee

P.S. Had a great game of beach Volleyball this last P-day.

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