Monday, May 23, 2016

Time to Realize our Blessings....... 5-23-16

Fun week here in Ukraine. It might just be a short story telling week again.

Center Odessa, my last area, is going to be split into 2 separate areas that will now have two sets of Elders to cover because the area is just too big for on set of Elders. Elder Glade and Everton (my posterity) are there right now and I was able to go back on an exchange with Elder Glade and go around looking for an apartment for the incoming other set of Elders. The transfer ends in about 9 days from now so we were in a hurry once we heard from President. I wish my momma was there with me, it would have helped. We were wandering around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to talk to people that knew how we could rent an apartment. It was different, fun, and we found a few options. It was good to be back in Center for a day and also with my son. 
Elder Konstantinov & Elder Glade
The next day, I was on an exchange with Elder Gerasimov from Crimea. The highlight of the exchange was the meeting we had with this fellow from Afghanistan that knew how to rap like Eminem and sang some other songs to us. He is very faithful to the Muslim tradition and teaching people like him is fun but can also be very frustrating. 

To end the exchange we traveled down to Illy and ended up having lunch with the Mikkelsen's and I had the tastiest burger that I have had for a loooong time. The Mikkelsen's somehow always come in clutch.
Elder Gerasimov from Crimea & the Mikkelsen's

This week, we met the "Angel" of Outer Darkness. We went out to the area with a lot of time on our hands looking for members to meet with. We kept talking about how picture perfect the day was and the setting around us. We met a lady and talked to her for a bit. We then asked her on the spot if she had 20 or so minutes. We sat on the grass and she sat on a little cement block. The meeting was humble and the Holy Ghost was present throughout. It was a "picture perfect" setting. I had never taught a lesson like this before. Outside, sitting on the grass. It was awesome, and even half way through a train came by and we had to wait a couple minutes before we could hear each other again. It was a great experience. She has a lot of potential and a family. That day, I learned the characteristic of Urgency. Instead of just leaving a pamphlet with her, we helped her make large steps. 
This is where we sat with her for this discussion, pretty cool!

We had a ward picnic this week and it was a blast! We were in the middle of the forest and then it just opened up. It was fun and the food was delicious. We also had a chance for service before the picnic and it was nice to do something along the lines of farming. 

On Sunday, the newest ordained Priest told me that he was going to bless the Sacrament for the first time and he was nervous but excited. I told him to go slow and clear and that everything would be alright. He messed up about 5 times and you could hear the frustration/teariness in his voice near the end. I knew exactly how he felt. It made me think back to when I repeatedly messed up and then in the following few days I received a letter in the mail from a ward member thanking me for blessing the sacrament and that it helped them focus on the words more. I was grateful for that ward member, and then went straight to that kid and gave him a hug and said, "don't worry about it" and told him about the time it took me nearly 7 tries and about my stuttering problem that tends to pop up when stressed. 

The mission is just a time to realize all of the blessings we have had, and then a time to learn how to give these blessings to others. Great week.

President Packer told us to read the Book of Mormon is less than a month before Elder Ballard comes to the mission! I am reading it on the topic of Pride vs. Humility. I would love to receive your favorite quotes/phrases for each! 

-Elder Devashrayee

P.S. Had a great time last P-day playing some beach Volleyball  

& Finally found an outside basketball hoop!

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