Monday, May 9, 2016

Things Fall into Place..... 5-9-16

It was a busy week, but a good one! 
We started it off with an exchange with the Assistants to the President. They are amazing humble missionaries and I was able to learn from them to be a little more confident, as long as I am confident in myself and in the Lord. The missionary I served with on the exchange served in my area for 7 months and it was great to see how involved he still was and how much the people were still on his mind. 
Per tradition, had to introduce them to our Sharmas!

We had Zone meeting this week and it went really well. All participated, and I learned many things from all. I couldn't make up my mind on what to talk about for a while and had about 3-4 different routes I could go because I would be closing the meeting. Throughout the week things came to me and even the day before as I talked to a new missionary about the army (being together, being leaders, but also followers like Christ) things fell into place. I feel like teaching from what is around you and always being willing to leave room for the Spirit is very important. At the end, we were really able to realize what could be holding the zone back as a whole and were able to discuss it as a whole. It was very uplifting and helpful for all, and I didn't do a single thing. 
Our Zone

Our main investigator right now is Roman. He is making strides and a number of members are helping us along the way. He showed up on Sunday in a white shirt and tie and it made my day. The language is a constant uphill climb, but what was awesome this week was that a member while telling a story said the word "oak" and I somehow for some reason memorized it and it was cool. Whatever you learn/study the Lord will use for your benefit. 

This week we had a run in with some 7th Day Adventists. At one point in the lesson, going to Church on Sunday was compared to committing adultery.... it was one of my least favorite lessons for sure and I left with no thought that they would change. Elder Jorgensen helped me out by making sure that I realized my level of faith in the conversion process and I will be working to improve that. 

This past week we were up in Kyiv for a meeting and a couple of things stood out to me. 

"The best way to deflate an inflated ego is to compliment it, and the best way to inflate and deflated ego is to compliment it" -President Packer

While during my renewal for a temple recommend President simply asked if I was worthy to be a missionary and then that was that. It was simple, but it was powerful to me. He said that there is not a higher level of worthiness or calling and signed the new recommend. 

Odd facts from the week: Talked to a man on the bus and he literally had feet as hands. It was cool. A drunk man tried to pay for us and then tried to drag me off of the bus to meet with him. Obviously I didn't get off. We witnessed a migration of Ukrainians to the cemetery on Sunday. Everyone was going to visit their loved ones and clean the place and put down flowers.  

Also, I am learning that there is a holiday for every day here. They celebrate Mother's Day but not really big. But celebrate. I guess yesterday was national Forgiveness day too? I can't keep up with it all. Today is national "Rest Day". 

The Callisters.... they are an amazing senior couple that have been in the office for 18 months. They are like grandparents to me and I was able to get a pic with them luckily while I was up in Kyiv this week! They leave on the 17th of May. They will be missed!

I hope you all had a great Mother's day, it was great to be able to talk with my family. 

Elder Devashrayee

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