Monday, May 16, 2016

Mini Golf Lessons Learned..... 5-16-16

I will try to switch it up a bit and just tell some stories this week. 

Last P-day we played mini golf that took me back to memories at Bear Lake growing up. I was in missionary mode and you can make up an object lesson for every hole. We used these two pictures in a number of lessons this last week regarding the narrowness of the gate and the opposite also regarding baptism, leading us right back to our Heavenly Father.

I was on an exchange this week and some things needed to be solved. I prayed about it and ended up reading Matthew 18 right after. It was an answer to my prayer on how to help this companionship and learned a lot myself. Great chapter on Forgiveness. My companion was Elder Konstantinov and he is from Ukraine. It was great serving with him. Had some really good Ukrainian cooking! I will go with him again just so I can learn some more.

We had a great lesson using M&M's, blindfolds, and 1 Samuel 16:7 this week. The kids especially liked it and it really brought the message home that God loves all of his Children. None were able to repeatedly guess what color they ate and it was a good time. 

We visited a lady in the ward on a day when it was raining non-stop. Unluckily for her the reason we came is because of a hole in the roof. Luckily, I knew enough words to be able to describe the situation to Elder Mikkelsen but I learned that studying with a concrete goal/reason in mind will really help language. I can now decently describe the problem in Russian but still can't hold a conversation with 4 year olds. 

On Friday the 13th our phone broke.  NOT cool!

Found the largest loaf of bread this week.... should last us a day or two :) I need to run more to work it off, but it was good!

We have an area in our boundaries that is called "Outer Darkness" because it is really far and difficult to get to. 2 1/2 hours after leaving and getting lost about 10 times and feeling pretty frustrated we sat down outside a shop on the side of the road and pulled out the map and tried to figure things out. A man came up and tried to help us at first to find the houses but then eventually just told us a bus to get us back to the main city. He then told us that it was joke that we believed in Christ and told us that he believes in the Sun and the trees and that there is a God for everything on the Earth. We let him talk, but then he just kept going. He then stated that we are zombies and have been brainwashed. That the Church takes our "prime years" away from us, has us pay to come to Ukraine, uses our youth and energy to find people, and that the Church was using us and it is all a huge business. At this point, we both just walked away. I realized, "wow, we just met Satan in outer darkness." hahaha and then Elder Jorgensen compared it to when Jesus had been fasting for 40 days and Satan came to tempt him. The rest of the day we saw miracles and the sisters had a baptism of a mom and son to complete another family in the ward. (The daughter was baptized not long ago.) 

On the bus home from Church a little kid about 2 years old kept wanting to get off of his mother's lap and walk around. After the 3rd or so time the mom, in one fluid motion,took him by the hand, made his body flat, and spanked him one time so hard that it made me hurt. I was shocked to see it and looked around to see other peoples reactions too. She really got him good. What surprised me was that the kid whimpered a bit, and then cuddled up to his mom and stopped moving around completely. When he got off, all was well. I saw a lot of symbolism in it with our Heavenly Father. Sometimes, he helps us get back on the path by means of force or circumstances. If we become like this little kid and love our Heavenly Father after it happens, then we will only grow our relationship with him. It also made me consider if I will spank my kids in the future..... 

Have a great week! I'll share a verse a member shared with us. We all need Christ. Moroni 7:33. 

-Elder Devashrayee

Some "artsy" photos he sent home this week... 

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