Monday, April 11, 2016

Higher Level of Thinking...... 4-11-16

Already Monday again, whoa. This last week flew bye and I think it will have to be more of a list of what happened. 

This last week I was able to hear a few instances that were uplifting to know that every effort does not go wasted. 
- On an exchange last week we were contacting in some free time and were able to find a family and talked to them. Now, they have invited their friends and the Elders there have a good group of 4 or 5 that are interested. 
- Another one I heard this week... about a month ago Elder Glade and I were walking and talked to a woman who was handing out flyers, so we exchanged one with her and she was very very excited when she saw Jesus' picture on the front of the one we gave her. Turns out... the night before in her dream she was holding a new born baby that looked just like me in her arms and rocked it to sleep and took care of it. When I walked up she recognized my face and was sure that this was a message that she needed to listen to. Hahahaha I don't know what to think of it. The Lord works in mysterious ways. When she comes she always calls me her little baby and I just barely found out why. 

- After exchanges this week I was complaining about the Kodima Elders wiping out our food supply and Elder Glade mentioned that we should be saying, "I hope they had enough to eat" instead. To be of One Heart and One Mind that is what it takes. A higher level of thinking. He's been a great companion for me!

- We held a mini Young Men's activity this week seeing that there are only 2 of them and there are no leaders in that area. We taught them how to slam and played a little ping-pong. We are excited to keep working with them and bring others in. 

-Max, from Illychosk (First area), just got his mission call and is going to Scotland! Exciting stuff.

-We had exchanges with the Assistants to the President this week and it was awesome. One of them (Elder Palmer) is only one transfer ahead of me and is an amazing missionary. He is practically fluent and it was an eye opener and showed me how we can really open doors here when we can communicate with the people. Gave me motivation to keep going with the language. He said we should go to members and ask for service in a "not if, but when" form. 

- We were able to do some service this week with the branch for "Mormon Helping Hands". We were able to help Till a large garden plot. We were also able to do some tree hauling for a member. As the weather gets a little nicer I am excited to do more service outdoors. 
 What it looked like when we arrived
What it looked like when we were done! Ready to plant now!

- We made some cookies again during the week.  Then on Saturday we made some pizzas and salsa at the Mikkelsen's. Good stuff. Glad they are willing to help us out! They are amazing people.
Our care packages really do make a difference :)

-Listened to the Afternoon sessions on Sunday and had a great branch brunch in between. Were able to listen to Priesthood this morning and can't wait to listen to the morning sessions. Great stuff from conference. Questions have been answered without a doubt. I tried to go in with D&C 64:34 on my mind. That is all he requires out of us. 

- Funny thing happened, someone we hadn't ever met before dropped by the ward this Sunday and pulled our strings as a golden investigator and let us go for about 20 minutes. He then called us back and asked us to help him fill out his tithing slip with his temple recommend right there next to it, hahaha. Ya, he got us!

-On Sunday, we walked past a Church and they invited us in and I said, "We have our own Church, thanks." Then I realized I have heard that a million times from other people. Later in the day, we had a short lesson with a guy on a bench when people from another Church came up and interrupted and wouldn't stop talking. I left the man with our information, shook the hands of the other people, and got out of there. Interesting experiences seeing it from their perspectives. Makes you think a bit about what we do and how we go about it out here.  We will be more aware of that now thanks to this experience. 

Have a great week and make sure to wish Nicole a Happy Birthday today!!

- Elder Devashrayee

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