Monday, April 25, 2016

Expect Results..... 4-25-16

This last week was a little slower than the rest to be honest! New area can really make you feel a little useless at times to be honest. Guess people weren't sure where it was I was sent. It is an area just South of Central Odessa - the other name I have seen this week is Tairovo. Cool area...

First, to catch up on the last little bit from my previous area... Last P-day in Center we went and got burgers and squid rings! They were good, but missing french fries!

The week before we went to Arcadia and ended up going through a mirror maze which was fun. I learned a lot from Elder Glade. He taught me how to be orderly, to talk more, to be over enthusiastic about the work, and to appreciate others people quirks instead of letting them bug you. 
Notice the gloves, we had to wear them in there so no one would leave finger prints on all of the mirrors!

We had our last District meeting at the Mikkelsen's and we had enchiladas... so good. I realized this last transfer as the zone leader that trust is necessary throughout the zone and I learned a lot about letting/inviting others to share their talents to the fullest and learning from them. 

This last week has been wet and we spent most of time either lost or contacting in the rain. Elder Jorgensen and I are getting along really well. I love his outlook to the work. We had very little visible success this last week and he was really looking to change that. I guess I had gotten "used" to not having success in a way.. and he is very motivated and expects results and seeks to change whatever we can to have it. 

It is odd serving with a companion that can speak Russian again, and he speaks really well. I will get there! 
We have a few investigators that are awesome and I am excited to see where they go. 

We had a service project this week where we did demolition work at an apartment. It was a great time and even Elder Glade and his new companion was there. 

After we were done, I got to witness the first Sharma of his companion at the same stand that I took him for his first one. Proud moment! 

Sunday was great. This branch is very organized and really strong. I was able to bare my testimony and Elder Jorgensen gave a great talk. This area is great and I am excited to see what happens here. Easter will be next Sunday! I choose a scripture to highlight this transfer and it is D&C 136:32. Humility will be huge if we are able to do any work here. We both know how to speak decently, but that could be a hindrance to listening to the Spirit if we let it. Hope everyone has a great week! 

Elder Devashrayee

p.s. Thought I was getting pretty good at my cooking skills, think again! Tried to make banana bread... have work to do on that one. The inside wasn't bad, tasted okay but dry.  Thoughts... a little over cooked :)

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