Monday, March 14, 2016

Russian Jokes & Cookies = Smiles & Opened Doors..... 3-14-16

Not a whole lot to fill you in with this week. I was able to learn some Russian Jokes and they are a great way to put a smile on nearly anyone here. I am enjoying this!

Fun fact: The 8th of March here is Women's Day!
Holidays are celebrated for a week before and a week after here in Ukraine. Last week at Church the Priesthood sang to the Relief Society and then had a "linger longer" type thing after Church that the Priesthood organized and such. It went fairly well considering....
Important to Note - notice it is all bought/purchased, not homemade, since the Men were in charge :)

It was transfer time and I had to say goodbye to Elder Gladwell, one of the Kodima Elders who stay with us. He was in my MTC district and one of my good friends from the mission so that was bummer, but we bought pizza and sent him off. 
We ended up running into other missionaries at the same place - a good place to eat!
We received Elder (Jentry) Young who was also in my MTC district. It is going to be a great transfer. 

We were able to go up to Kyiv for a Mission Council Meeting and we learned lots of great things. The points that could apply to you back home are: 

*President Packer - "If you are immersed in the Book of Mormon, you will never go inactive."

*When we teach, make the Book of Mormon the "meat" of the lesson, not the decoration. 

*When leaving a lesson, class or home-teaching assignment ask yourself, "Did I uplift this family/person, strengthen his/her faith, and were they brought closer unto Christ?"

We were able to visit and go through a session in the temple after the meeting. The Kyiv Temple is so amazing and to think that I am in Eastern Europe and that I can go through a temple just reminds me how lucky I am to be serving in this mission. We then hopped right back on a night train to Odessa. 

We have seen so much success with cookies..... Sister Mikkelsen's cookies work wonders on Center Odessa and we are going to make it a weekly deal. We have been able to show up randomly to Less-Actives and get in the door. We had our biggest turn out for a while at English class. It was great! 

I am getting excited because the weather is starting to turn for the better and people seem a little more happy. We are being told to try to capture this next couple weeks with Spring and share the message of the Restoration. You can do the same :)

We had an investigator ask us the question, "If Jesus came up to you, would you know it was Him?" Mosiah 5:13  and then, "if Jesus said, 'Come follow me....' would you?" We answered "yes" and said that we feel that we would be ready. He was really troubled with this answer and said wouldn't it be better for us to say "I don't know" than to say "yes" and not follow.... I hope we are all ready to say "yes" and not have a hint of doubt and follow. We know we are not perfect, but we can be ready. 2 Nephi 25:23

Food for thought,
Elder Devashrayee

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