Monday, February 8, 2016

Reasons Behind Each Opportunity...... 2/8/16

This week flew bye really fast. The mission just keeps speeding up. 

This week was full of little things that made the entire week great. We really focused on trying to work with the ward here and member-present lessons are one of the hardest things to come by out here. We really focused our efforts on the ones closest to baptism and came out with a personal record for a week of lessons with members present. Wow, it is nice to have a native speaker on lessons. We were able to enter a home with an active member, less-active, and an almost atheist. It was interesting to see the dynamics of it all and the feeling of peace in the house compared to when we first entered. It was amazing to see how just talking about simple truths and Jesus Christ completely changed the environment. 

One of our investigators decided he wants to gather funds to build a statue of Jesus Christ in Crimea bigger than the one in Rio de Janeiro ( haha Brazil). His idea was it would just be there and silently say, "That's enough" and the war would stop. Interesting thought, and I liked it. Not sure it will happen though.

I saw a person on the street this week with a Utah Jazz sweatshirt and I stopped and talked to him about it and he had no idea what the Utah Jazz even was and was kinda weirded out. We also stopped a man who said he has read the Book of Mormon and already "knows everything" but allowed us to come by his work to teach his employees. My mind instantly thought of walking into a big, pristine office with a big long table and passing out Book of Mormons and the whole office would have our attention and we would stand up in front like true disciples of Christ and speak with power. We ended up walking through a couple of alleys and entering a sketchy back door and were allowed 20 or so minutes to speak to a couple of ladies that worked in a 1-room store that sells books. Expectations verse reality will always getcha. It quickly became apparent that one lady had not interest and we shifted most of our attention to another. She seemed interested, but then we realized she was just trying to be polite. We left there with no immediate results, but we know we were given that opportunity for a reason. 

One principle really stuck out to me this week. We need to pray and plan for unplanned opportunities. Maybe leave somewhere 15 minutes early, maybe have something on your lips that you are ready to share, or even just be aware and observant of what is going on around you. 

Mormon 8: 35-39 I labeled this "stamp out all pride" We are not to give heed to that which "hath no life" Decide for yourself what that means to you and try to focus your attention elsewhere this next week! 

An investigator of ours wanted President Packer to have this. We sent it up with a couple of other missionaries to give to him. Pretty Cool painting!

Hope everyone is doing well. All is well is Center Odessa. 
Elder Devashrayee

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