Monday, February 29, 2016

Miracle of Conversion...... 2-29-16

This week was pretty stressful to be honest, but totally worth it. To start off, we had a baptism! Klara, our 90 year old grandma, was baptized! We taught her all of the lessons in 2 weeks and got everything finalized very late Friday night. The Baptism was after church. I will just have to type what I wrote in my journal after we came back... 

".... It all worked out! Thanks for the чайник's (tea kettles) to fill up the font to make sure it was warm all Sunday, her home teacher driving out to pick her up (she lives about an hour away), preparing all of the Baptismal clothes, teaching her in 2 short weeks, moving a couch from the basement of the church to the Sacrament room, organizing everything for the service from the opening prayer to who would baptize her, and tons of other factors. To feel the love of the ward toward her today was amazing. She was a celebrity with all of the primary children. Her grandson, саша, baptized her and Elder Glade looked all good decked out in white and helped support her in the font. Klara cannot walk and one of her arms does not work at all, so there needed to be 2 people in the font to help support her and immerse her horizontally while she laid down. I was a witness for the baptism and it wasn't the prettiest thing, but when she came out of the water she had the biggest smile on her face as she looked right at Elder Glade. It was awesome to see. The meeting soon resumed and President Черников kneeled down by the side of the couch she was laying on with other brethren surrounding her and confirmed her a member of the Church and gave her the Holy Ghost. The Spirit was amazingly strong during the entire meeting, but especially at that point. The Lord was smiling down on клара as he welcomed her. Blessed to be His representative here in Ukraine. We didn't do a thing for this baptism to happen... " more or less what I wrote. I will have to just send pics. Words don't do the day justice.
tea kettles used to warm the water in the font

Her home teachers car - her humble mode of Transportation to come and be baptized

Me, Svetlana (her daughter), Klara, Sasha (Her grandson) & E Glade

We got a lot of less-actives involved in the whole process. The whole program was member ran. It was great to see the branch come together and welcome her with open arms. 

This last week we also made a hospital stop by to one of our good friends here and it is always an eye-opener to see how lucky we are. We had a Zone Conference this week that was really uplifting. We have an amazing Zone. Love all of these people.  

During the week we also had a service project that fell through at the last minute after trekking our way clear out there. So E Glade and I took a few minutes and hiked around this beautiful country. 

Later in the week we had a stop by to a house where I truly learned what it means in the scriptures when it says that the prophets "mourned". I truly felt the lowest of the lows this week and also the highest of the highs. Brought me back to last year exactly with High School Basketball. That same week I experienced my highest of highs and my lowest of lows at that time in my life. On February 28, 2015 we lost the state championship... on February 28, 2016 I witnessed my first baptism. The Lord was helping me replace that date in my mind with the miracle of conversion through a baptism. I am blessed and loved!
Elder Devashrayee

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