Monday, February 15, 2016

Knowledge Sets Us Apart....... 2-15-16

This last week was a little slower, but we were able to accomplish a lot. Sometimes it is good to take a step back and really evaluate. A mini miracle this last week: an investigator brought us lunch randomly to a lesson where we had been stuck at the Church all day and he just said he felt an impression to bring us something. We are truly protected out here on the mission. 

Last week we were able to have a few service opportunities helping bring a bed frame piece by piece to a grandma in our branch. She gave some interesting advice that I think I will start using. She told us a word that I forgot, so I asked her the next day again she said that I need to pray whenever I learn a word so that I can retain it/use it when necessary. I need to do this!

We had an exchange this week and we were really able to see how other companionship's works and what we/I can do better.  While contacting with Elder Christofferson, someone asked why there are so many churches on the earth today. Usually when that question is asked I go straight to the Great Apostasy. Elder Christofferson took a different approach that I really liked. He just said, "God knows... ask him!" and then invited them to pray. No arguments with that answer, nice. 
E. Tolman, E Glade, Me and E. Christofferson - Exchanges

We were able to give a few blessings this last week and we are always grateful to have that power as long as we are worthy. A lot of General Conference talks were listened to this last week and I liked how one of the talks said, "it is the power of God restored on Earth through Holy Angels." In one of the talks I heard a phrase that I have heard a few thousand times at home when walking out the door. "помни кто ты такой и откуда ты пришёл"  Remember who you are and where you came from!  

We had a English class and then lesson after and the YSA had a Valentines Party on the floor above us. The music was so loud and somehow they had gotten hold of some big amps. Holidays are seriously so pointless on the mission.  But we did make some incredible pancakes.
What we did for Valentines night- fun stuff for missionaries. Pancakes galore (found whipped cream!!!!)

Our branch recently installed home teachers and I am really excited about it. Then I remembered how horrible of a home teacher I was, sorry!  I keep looking back and realizing, "man, I could have done better." But honestly, I feel like that is just life. In a year I will look back and say the same thing about the missionary I am now. Life is just becoming a better and better person/representative of Jesus Christ. 

Whenever we talk with youth on the streets they always ask about all of the rules we have, all of our guidelines, and then always end saying that they could never do that and that is sounds like being in jail for 2 years.  Some may think that, but if you are out here for the right reason it will not feel that way. 

I found a quote that I really liked from Boyd K. Packer. "We are not obedient because we are blind, we are obedient because we can see." It is the knowledge that we have that sets us apart, and it is that knowledge and joy that we are trying to spread here in Ukraine.  In Preach My Gospel, it says, "to keep our covenants, we must give up activities or interests that prevent us from honoring those covenants" I thought to myself what I could give up or change. I invite you to do the same! 

Finishing Ether in the Book of Mormon this week, I went through a few chapters were it just talks about kings and tons and tons of generations and people born in bondage/people born into a time where they had to take up the sword with their mother and father and go to war to protect their own lives and so on..... I have every reason to be grateful. I have a family. I was not born into bondage. I was born into the gospel. I have not had to fight for my life. Huge things, that I have not thought a lot about before.  Thanks!

Hope everyone has a great week! Favorite scripture this last week was D&C 18:10
Elder Devashrayee

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