Monday, January 11, 2016

Two Christmases..... 1-11-16

This last week was awesome! We were able to celebrate Christmas for the second time! For Christmas the whole zone got together at our ward and we sang in front of a mall! We handed out little papers of "Jesus the Living Christ" rolled up with candy! I was in charge of walking around and giving them out to interested people most likely because the Sisters in charge of the activity had had enough of my singing. It was for the best. We did see a "jammin" Santa out in the middle of street as well. Love celebrating two Christmases!

We had a lot of mini miracles happen this week and the area keeps getting stronger and stronger. We have a great "Motto" for this Transfer.... What do you think it means in English?

Heroes Aren't Born, Heroes Are Made
We had a few good snows and snow shoveling almost made me feel at home until 15 minutes in and I remembered it is not that great, hope all of your backs are holding up well. We were able to go and meet with a less active that lives way out there this week. She has done over 80,000 names in Family Search. Pretty amazing! I was able to see some cool sights along the way. (I have included them in the photo link). My favorite one was of the "Anchor Monument". It reads "Forever Glory to the Heroes". 

We had our interviews with President Packer this week and it was great to get insight about how we can do work in different ways here and strengthen the branch even more. Grateful for Priesthood power and was able to give a couple more blessings this week and I truly felt led. After I was told I answered all of the questions she had.. crazy how it works. I was just grateful to be able to do it.  

Honestly, it was decently slow as this 3 week holiday is coming to an end but what I really liked was what I read about service and the two scriptures I studied in detail this week. Helaman 5:8 &  Ephesians 6:6. Crazy this transfer is almost over but we are going to try to end it with a bang this next week! Hope January is treating you all well! Beautiful weather here (haha!)
Elder Devashrayee

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