Monday, December 7, 2015

He Is Always With Us.... 12-7-15

This week we had to the opportunity to give some blessings and it is crazy that people can turn to a couple of 19 year old's and entrust us in stuff like that... that is pretty much how missionary work is in general though! We are out here teaching people's dads/moms and grandparents and it is kinda cool when you think of it in that sense. We are affecting generations.

It has snowed here in Kyiv! It is cold but cool to see....
Elder Young & I

We were able to go back to the apartment that caught on fire and scrape off all of the black in the place. Luckily we had the help of a number of missionaries, but I was little bummed it wasn't "manly" manual labor, but I was glad to help out. The moment I had a chance to rip something off or use a hammer I was right there waiting and willing. 

For English this week we talked a lot about greetings and goodbyes and then transitioned into the First Vision at the end. It went well and I realized that I don't know English grammar at all!! When they asked me grammar questions I didn't know how to answer them. I will probably know Russian grammar better when I return. 

We were able to meet with an investigator for the first time this whole transfer and so many people are itching to be baptized but don't quite understand what needs to happen first for it to happen. Commitment is a real fear and I respect the people that truly think it out but the impatience gets to me. This is especially when we met with another one of our investigators who says he wants to be one of the best members of the church and doesn't want to be a "lazy member", he pays tithing, comes to church every week, brings other investigators with him, and told us on Sunday he wants to be able to serve a mission... but, he won't get baptized anytime soon! Frustrating! 

We had a member visit experience this week where it was fun to find and was a good walk out to the house. They had no idea we were coming but were very grateful and nice when we showed up knocking on their apartment door. It went well.

On the way back from their home I had my hood pulled up because it was cold and Elder Young was walking behind me a bit on the side of the road. He suddenly saw a bus with our stop on the side of it, yelled to me to hop on and he hopped on near the back and then he realized I wasn't with him hahaha. As the bus passed I looked behind me and he was no where to be seen and I thought my companion had been kidnapped or something! The street was dark and completely empty at that moment and it scared me so bad. I then got a call with him laughing and saying to just keep walking and he would get off at the next stop. I was alone for a good 5-6 minutes and it was the weirdest thing. I felt so alone and it was weird not having someone right there beside you. But then again I knew I had someone with me and I was calmed.

We had a lesson with a Preacher of another religion this week and he was all for the Trinity and everything we taught was instantly brought back to that point of the Gospel. We finished the lesson with as much patience and love as possible and then the next 20 minutes he tried to preach to us and the moment he discounted the Godhead my mind just completely turned off. To be honest I wasn't trying to listen and or hear what he had to say. After, I thought about it and that was probably exactly what he thought and what he did when we mentioned the Godhead. I have been trying to put myself in "other people's shoes" this week especially and see their side of everything and it has helped a lot. 

I found out that I will be heading back down to the Odessa area this week and will be training. YEP, me a trainer, not sure what to think! I haven't seen my new comp yet but his name is Elder Western, so for his sake (because I will be training him) please throw him into your prayers please! I will be in the Central Branch in Odessa I think. 

I have had a great time here with Elder Young and have learned tons from him. I am very thankful for my time with each of my companions so far. I am learning a lot from each of them. Hope I can be a good trainer!

Food of the week: I had a "pomela" that is how it is pronounced, not sure how you spell it. But it was like a large orange that had to be peeled and was really good. I also was convinced by a native to throw sugar into a container of sour cream and eat it like yogurt...  it wasn't bad until I realized I was literally just spooning all of that into my mouth and then didn't feel so great. Could try it again sometime, but in a smaller quantity. I am becoming quite a chef. I try to cook nearly every meal and learn when others come and see what they cook. My borsh is better than some of the senior missionaries...... just saying. I learned from the best though. I will try to make it probably twice a transfer so my English Comps can learn how to make it the right way :)
This little guy, a chinchilla, was the guest of the mission office staff last week while the Packer's were out of town. I am having so much fun with some unusual animals! 

Great week and excited for the one to come. The mission in general is experiencing a lot of success right now and I really liked this verse for the week. Alma 29:14
Elder Devashrayee

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