Monday, December 14, 2015

Elder Western & Downtown Odessa..... 12-14-15

Barely any time today so if I don't get to your email if you emailed me I am sorry, next week I will! To stick with the basics last week I visited "Big Mamma" and it was such a cool place. I'd recommend it, but it is here in Ukraine :) I wasn't able to go inside due to being short on time, but I will get inside before I leave. It is amazing!

Saying goodbye to my last area and Elder Young was hard but I think that is how every transfer will be. The excitement of the next transfer engulfs that right away. My new companion is Elder Western and he is a stud. He is 21 and is from San Bernardino County in Southern California. He came to Ukraine to teach English last year from January to April and has also has attended two years at BYU-Idaho already. He knows Russian a whole lot better than I did first transfer and he only spent 2 weeks in the MTC. He has an amazing memory and he is my child, crazy. I now know what is it like to have a child and look out for him and stuff ;) 

Our new area is the Central Branch in Odessa (Downtown Odessa) and this place is so cool. It has a small town feel because we can walk to almost everywhere if necessary, but also is a downtown with big buildings. Hard to explain, but google it or something. Tons of cool stuff here to look at and every time we think we have it figured out, there is more just around the next corner. 

First Sunday here was awesome and the members are really excited to have missionaries here full-time. Awesome atmosphere and everyone is very nice. Had a few interesting lessons this first Sunday with random people who stopped by. We have some investigators that are amazing also and this area is due for a lot of baptisms. We had chance to do service this week and it involved shoveling dirt/cat poop and I think I lost of couple of years in my lungs :( 

We had dinner with the Senior Missionaries who are in the area and it was delicious. We were also able to clean the font this week for the Sisters' baptism from another area. It was great to see and the spirit was very strong. Energized me for this week. Training is awesome and this has been a great week. We will be in Kyiv this next week for Mini MTC training until Friday or so. 
Elder Devashrayee 

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