Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast - Word and Food!..... 11-30-15

Great last week. Didn't end up how I was hoping numbers wise, with a handful of people we have done all that we can do and it will take some help and the will of the Big Man Upstairs. We are placing our faith and trust in him and them. It did snow here on Sunday - cold but okay.

Monday we had a dinner with one of our investigators and a family in the ward. Little did we know when we hopped on the bus at some random metro and were told to take it all the way to the end the bus ride would be an hour... Elder Young and I were joking that we were going to a lesson at the bottom tip of Utah Lake when you put it into perspective. Crazy going around and getting places but somehow it always works out and people here will go out of their way to help you. The FHE went great and it was the happiest we have ever seen our investigator. Good to see people laugh and smile here. 

Tuesday was a little strange.. the other Elders staying with us took the keys to our apartment on accident so we had to stay inside allll day. We couldn't lock it up and leave. Made for a long day but we were able to get a lot done in the apartment (cleaned it well) and made an effective day out of it. I was also able to make Borsh all by myself for the first time because of the extra prep time I had. It turned out pretty good! 

Wednesday was Elder Young's b-day and we were able to start off the day very early with doing 2 1/2 hours of service at this lady's house that was burnt to a crisp in the inside. There was a fire in her apartment and everything was completely gone in the inside, everything looked just like wood does after a fire in a fireplace (obviously) but that's the only way I can explain it. Sad time there but glad we were able to do something to help. We came back and they only thing I could really do for Elder Young was make him good food so we had french toast in the morning and then I made a pizza for dinner when we got back after being out on visits.

Wednesday evening we then had English class and it went really really well. We talked about birthdays and how to say dates correctly and then went over the Family Proclamation to the World after in English. Not a whole lot of preaching was done, but we felt like it went really well and we could feel a difference. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving and it went really well. We had zone conference that day and we gained a whole lot of good info and advice from President Packer. In the middle we walked into the gym to a feast! We had just about all you can ask for for a Thanksgiving Dinner. Hahahaha no need to feel bad for me cause I ate just about as much as one could and it was great to be surrounded by the other missionaries and the senior missionaries who prepared the food. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving back home! 
This is our Zone - President Packer and his family are on the front row. 
After zone conference, we went to another appointment where we are teaching this 8 year old in English. The whole family speaks English and we had a duck and a little feast there too. Great day. 

Friday we had the chance to walk around this big lake near our apartment that we run to in the mornings. We walked all the way around and took about 1 1/2 hours but we answered all of his questions and he is progressing rapidly. I was really grateful for my increased knowledge of the scriptures, being able to answer most of his questions by scripture. I was completely helped out and guided where some of the answers could be found. Now I can't remember where I showed him. It was awesome. It was the Spirit.

This was taken right the first of our "walk" around the "lake". I was opened to a scripture I was about to drop on him. He sensed it and wanted to take another pic hahah, look at my hand... lol 

Saturday we filled in for the Sisters in another area and taught the beginner class. We also had a number of lessons that went really well. Sunday was crazy as usual but also great. I had a talk that I have been prepping for a couple weeks daily, and when I got up in front of the ward my mind went blank. In the end the talk went alright and I just tried to make sure to smile and talk clearly and really slow. At one point I repeated a phrase maybe 3 times, it was embarrassing but oh well. 
Good times here in Ukraine. 
Elder Devashrayee

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