Monday, November 23, 2015

Realize Small Miracles...... 11-23-15

Happy Thanksgiving this next Thursday! I will miss the Turkey and all of the food and football but I know the day will have it's own events here for me to experience.

Last P-day we went to downtown Kiev and found some little circus monkeys, and just did some looking around. Best part about p-day here might be at the mall (I have been in Malls here more than I ever did my entire life in Utah) and get the cinnabuns! So good. 

Elder Young & Derek - playing with the Monkeys

This last week has been a little crazy, we have been hosting a couple of other Elders due to some circumstances with their apartment. One of them is a native so it is nice to have a language informant. We have about a 2 meals a week with members and they are always really delicious. 

In English lesson on Wednesday we answered the "questions of the soul" (Plan of Salvation) and had a great discussion with the 10 or so that were present. They were amazed we had the answers and were so sure of them and there were some interesting questions.  Wish I could learn Russian as fast as they learn English.

Something interesting happens on public transportation nearly every week and this week some grandma got on a started belting out a solo while walking around gathering money. Her song ended right as the metro rolled into the next stop and she walked to the next car and started all over again. I had never seen that, it was funny but props to her. 

We had lesson this week at probably the most interesting apartment I have ever been in. To keep it short, I had my back to a wall that was swarming with cockroaches. When I say swarming, I mean completely infested. My back was to it and I could see roaches around the room but the moment I looked at Elder Young, who was facing the wall that was behind my back, and I kept hearing this crawling/scratching/hissing noise. I turned around when I got a second in the lesson and was face to face with literally hundreds and hundreds of roaches. It was the fastest Restoration lesson we have ever taught and then it was followed by shaking out everything we owned after we were outside and away from their place. It was crazy! Good memory though. 

That same night I got a call from a prisoner in the Kiev jail or something close to that. Long, long story short I gave him the Restoration lesson over the phone and he seemed extremely genuine (or he had been practicing for a good year what to say to me) but he get's out in about 7 months so who knows. I was practically Dr. Phil. I then taught him how to pray over the phone. Very interesting call and maybe a Book of Mormon will be shipped his way. Not sure the protocol on that type of stuff, but somehow he got a Sister's number and they then gave him my number. He just wanted someone to talk to and it was just odd but cool at the same time. 

We had a "pie night" here with the International branch (English branch) and were able to find an investigator that never wants to meet but speaks great English. There were 15 different pies and cakes and treats just laid out and it was hard not to just sit down and gorge myself instead of working with the investigator, but I did it. We showed him around the Church and showed him the font and answered a list of questions he had previously written out. Yes, I did end up having some pie.

This week the story in the scriptures that is often talked about but I read is this week is Alma 17. It is when Ammon cuts off the arms of the people haha. The 3 points I gained out of this story is how he was the best missionary and it is through these 3 main ways. 1. Become the servant  2. Lead through service and example  3. Be optimistic. Bottom line Trust in God. 

We currently have a baptismal date and are working to get 3 by next Sunday night. Very possible, but it will take a lot to reach it. Excited for this next week. We have also been trying to notice the small miracles. When you sit back and realize "wow, that went really smooth" or "that worked out better than we could have imagined/ planned" we need to stop right there and thank the Lord. He does so much for us out here and sometimes the little things get skipped. This next week realize the small miracles around you and also have a great Thanksgiving! 
Elder Devashrayee

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