Monday, November 9, 2015

Life = "If, Then" Equation...... 11-9-15

A whole lot of work was accomplished this week, and by far the highest numbers I have ever had (don't matter really but they are nice to see sometimes). I really don't have a whole lot to say about this last week except that it is starting to get really cold! But I am thankful I am not sweating/melting in the heat and dealing with mosquitoes and bugs like friends of mine are. One can always add layers to stay warm :)

We have a whole lot of great people on the tipping point and we are just trying to give them that simple nudge so they fall into the font, sort of speak. They are already practically members, but just don't want to make that final commitment for some reason. It is crazy to think of how many promises I give people from God, literally almost everyday. I constantly talk about trials and patience with people, then sometimes I don't quite do what I tell people will help them! Sometimes you gotta be able to take your own advice. I have come to realize more and more that life/mission is just one big "If, then" equation if that makes since. There is cause and effect in literally almost everything we do. If you ever think about if you are ready to meet God just go read Alma 5, it lays it down pretty straight. I have a lot of work to do. 

We have been eating at a lot more members houses here and the other day we were eating and this spider was literally just walking all over the table and on them and they didn't notice until it was on the dad's shirt. He just looked over and said "hi" and was happy to see it. The wife just carefully scooped it up, played with it and put it in one of the plants in the room. Elder Young and I were pretty puzzled. Just a totally different way of thinking. They said it doesn't harm them, it just eats the bugs, and it's cold outside so they let it stay inside. Hahahaha I told them what I would do if I were home - I would pound the table to squish it with a cup or something, or if I were my dad I would huck a shoe at it from 10ft away at about 30 mph - believe me, we have the shoe imprints on our walls downstairs to prove it. 

This week I was really trying to see when God was testing me and being grateful for those times. Easier said then done. Every time I started thinking I'm bad off, something else happens to someone else and it humbles me. We need to be grateful for our trials but understand that others have them too. 

Last P-day I went to center Kyiv and checked it out... it is so cool! On the way a monkey in a little sweater was handed off on my shoulders by and man and it was just chilling on my shoulders during the ride and then later it just chilled in Elder Young's hand. Didn't have the photo with me but here is down town Kyiv.

Good work here, the members this last Sunday invited us left and right to come over and so we have all of our FHE's pretty much booked for the rest of the transfer. Good times here. Oh and yes, it is getting pretty cold! 
Elder Devashrayee

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