Monday, November 2, 2015

"Greenies" Doing Their Best..... 11-2-15

One of the better weeks of the mission was just completed this last week! I love my new area, there is so much to do, always. Big transition from the last area but I am grateful for the experiences I had there.  I have realized I probably won't have those type of experiences in any other area. But those lessons will help me the rest of my life. I learned a lot from my last comp. I realize now how much I really did learn when it was all said and done and he wasn't around anymore. He was a good trainer! I am beginning to realize that every area and every missionary has something to teach me. 

Elder Young and I are practically brothers as of now. It is crazy how much a different area and companion can change everything you have come to know. E Young is a great missionary and we are both "greenies" here but we are just trying to do the work the best we can and get the language together. We are forced to speak Russian because we don't have our trainers here to do it for us. We are the ones doing all of the talking now, crazy!

Some of the best times on my mission happened this last week. I would love to serve a couple transfers here with E Young, but we both know that it is not up to us. We just have to give it everything we have and do the best we can. This is a very different area and people. I am inland now so I don't see the Sea like last time. And we have more public transportation here. The Subways are crazy. The escalators just seem to go on forever. Still walking a lot but we use the buses and subway more. We are eating a lot more "American" food now, so that has been a good change, though I was starting to really like the food E Gorba made.  

This past week I was reading and Alma 1:21 stood out to me. That is how all members of the Church should act at all times! We are all on the same team! We had the Eastern Europe Area Conference and President Russell M. Nelson presided. It was a podcast, but it was really good. It was like a mini general conference but directed specifically to Eastern- Europe. Favorite thing I got out of it was when President Nelson said that we need to always have an answer. 1 Peter 3:15. He focused on this and said when we give short and simple replies to people it leads to longer discussions. Elder Young and I will try to focus on that this week and see how it works out!  

We had a chance to work with the Helping Hands organization here this week and rake a whole lot of leaves and clean up this huge park. Lots of missionaries where there and it was good to see them! It created a great Service Project and a way to help out the city and people here.

We would rake the leaves and then just put it all in the back of a truck
This is the huge park with HUGE trees... more leaf raking to come I think.

This week also included Halloween, which was a fun day. They kind of celebrate it here. Not with all of the tradition that we do back in the US, but kids will dress up and there are parties to go to. We had a great Halloween too and tried to celebrate as much as missionaries can! A black bowl on my head with some orange paper sticking out. Also a painted mustache, all the facial hair we can have.

Because of the work E Young and his trainer were able to do before I got here we have lots of investigators right now at the point where any day they could be baptized, just need to help them over the hump! We are working really hard, trying to get them there. It takes their faith as well as ours to achieve this, but it will come. 

Great area and good times. 
-Elder Devashrayee

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