Monday, October 19, 2015

Time To Focus...... 10-19-15

This week we had Zone Conference on Wednesday.  Zone conference was great and President Packer set some goals for us that I am excited to try and achieve. They will really push all of us to do more missionary work and take away the time we have been wasting trying to decide what to do and not just aimlessly contact. Be more Focused.

Then we went to Kiev on Friday and got back early Sunday for a Branch President's meeting for my companion.  I was able to go through the temple for the first time here and it was awesome.  Kiev temple is hands down my favorite temple. It is a beautiful temple. I was glad I was able to go through it.

Unfortunately, not a whole lot of exciting things to report for this last week so this will be short. Between Zone Conf, traveling to Kiev and branch work there hasn't been a lot of time to contact.  We did help a lady in our branch try to winter-ize her shack. It is crazy how people make it through the winter here with so little. We are very blessed back in Utah.

The work is going great in my area.  It is not at all how I envisioned missionary work, but I feel like we are truly doing the Lord's will here.  We just need to make time for missionary work along with branch items. We will get there!

Fun fact:  Nearly almost everyone here smokes all of the time and still we have better air quality than Salt Lake with that smog layer.  Another fun fact: I literally saw a man hold a lighter under his finger time and time again on the metro and eventually he lit his finger on fire. Crazy!

My mind is constantly mush from the language and when I go to bed at night my mind is just CHAOS. To prove that, I had a dream last night that I was running from a T-rex and eventually we had a duel where we were throwing and dodging meteors at each other. That is how I would describe the language is coming along for me-  it just makes no sense! That's about all I have to report for this week and sorry no additional pictures, I forgot my camera back in the apartment. 

All the best.
-Elder Devashrayee

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