Monday, October 12, 2015

Learn Then Tested..... 10/12/15

Not a whole lot went down this week regarding missionary work, but we were very busy with Elder Gorba being the Branch President. Good news! I got yelled at for the first time when a fellow said "eeeeegooooooo eeehomeee yaaaaaaaannnnkeee!!"  hahaha it made me really happy I am not going to lie. He was drunk and it sounded really funny. 

This week we spent a lot of time traveling up to Odessa to go to the hospital for different needs in the branch.

Our path to Odessa

I was able to give a spiritual thought that wasn't my own at all. I had read Mosiah 10 the day before and then read it again in the morning because I couldn't even remember reading it, and I got a totally different message from it.  When we feel like we are wronged we have 2 choices: 1. Seek for revenge, be wroth, harden our hearts, turn from the Lord, and have hatred  2. Seek for understanding, soften our hearts, and forgive. 

While at the hospital we were talking to a member of our branch who has 2 or 3 different types of cancer right now... I had no idea what Elder Gorba had previously said or where the conversation was and wasn't expecting to speak much. Then E Gorba turned to me and said something about what I have read recently and instantly the thought of giving the message that God gave me earlier in the day to the lady came to my mind. I would have never thought to have given this message to this lady who was going through so much, but it was made plain to me that that was exactly was I was supposed to say to her. It was a great experience. 

After the Lord knew that I had understood and learned this lesson he made sure to test me on it this week. It really is so hard.  Later in the week I made the little triangle of Faith, Diligence, and Patience after reading the latter part of Alma 32. I know that through these 3 steps repeated over a long time (long suffering) we can all find and partake of the fruit (hopefully Russian for me). 

The highlight of the week had to of been when we pealed and cut up a lot of potatoes and my comp was getting ready to add onions (whenever we "add" onions it becomes the main course) and I stopped him in his tracks and said, "no Elder, today we add cheese." It was a proud American "DEREK" moment when I covered the pan with cheese and we ate cheese fries. It's the small things out here :)

We were able to watch conference finally and it was awesome. First time I have watched all 8 hours and actually stayed awake! Each one seemed a lot shorter than two hours so that was a good sign. I am not going to say which was my favorite but I learned a little something from each of them. It gave me a lot of new insight on how I can perfect myself and become a better servant of the Lord. There seemed to be a lot of personal stories and it really brought the spirit, I know I need to have some summaries prepared to give when I teach. The new apostles are great and when Elder Nelson spoke I could truly feel the love he had for them. I am going to come back as emotional as my mother I already know it... speaking of mothers, they were a huge focus of the meeting also and deserve all the recognition. Overall, great conference. 

It got cold here and fast. I found a coat in the apartment that says Tiger Force, so judging by the name alone, I think I will be just fine this coming winter hahah. Elder Gorba says that it will be a good coat - but I am finding out that he not only loves to take more photos of himself then me but he is also just about as cheap as me. I will soon find out if the coat is good or not. The wind is really the factor here. It is so cold. 

Good times
-Elder Devashrayee

This is the beach in our area. I hear it is crazy busy in the summer. It is pretty cool!

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