Monday, October 26, 2015

God Gives, But On His Own Time.... 10-27-15

This week was easily my favorite in илыичёвск. It was an example of exactly what I teach and try to tell people nearly every time. God will give according to the desires of your heart, but on His own time and will. I found out that I would have an exchange this last Friday and was getting pumped for it all week. Finally a day just devoted to missionary work and nothing else. 

Elder Gamett and his trainer came from an area and both of our trainers went off doing their stuff while we just contacted. We prayed for a miracle, set the goals and plans out for the day, knew exactly where we wanted to go and what to hand out, basically in our actions told the Lord what we wanted to achieve. The main goal was to get an investigator. That is the one main thing I have been praying for here, to find and teach an investigator. Again, on His time, I must be patient. We tried to talk to nearly 50 or so people and only about 6 or 7 stopped. Out of those we had (tried our hardest) conversations with about 4 or them. Out of the 4, we found 2 new investigators in one day. One of them didn't have a lot of time but he asked where the church was and what time and said he would come Sunday. 

I know I'm new, but the other seemed like "Golden Investigator" she had millions of questions that were sincere and led right into what we wanted to say and the message we had to share. Every single question was honestly perfect. We talked with her on the street for 40 minutes and then got her contact and the next day Elder Gorba and I went to her house and taught her. My first Lesson! It didn't go all "magically" but it was good and we are going back to teach her today. She didn't come to Church this Sunday because she wanted to read more first but Sunday night she called and asked questions from the Book Of Mormon from 1st Nephi chapter 4! 

The other investigator we found came to Church an hour early on accident because we had a time change here and he didn't realize it. So, before Church started we were able to give him a little tour of the building and tell him what would happen in Church. We are also meet with him Monday evening. I prayed to find an investigator and we found two. Saturday night and Sunday morning I prayed to have them at church and a lot of members also and we had the most since I have been here. I guess I just need to start praying for baptism and not just the smaller things :). 

We also taught a record, for our transfer, number of lessons to less actives and actives this week. I ended up giving "my" farewell talk on Sunday. I approached it in a different way that I have never thought of before. I tried to prep it for "if out in the congregation we had an investigator" or really tried to think of "what the members needed" instead of just thinking of something cool to say. I also found myself thinking about the other people giving talks this last week and hoping they would prepare. We just need to always act like an investigator is watching you in church and plan talks as if an investigator is there to here you and you alone speak! Never thought of sacrament meeting like that before.
My Illichivs'k District
Top: E. Christofferson    E. Evalde    E. Gorba      me   
Bottom: Sister Karren    Sister Ivancovich   (not sure about spelling)

Right as we finally get investigators, I am being transferred though and it is a bit frustrating but I guess that is missionary work. I will be serving in  Kyevo-Svyatoshinskiy rayon with Elder Young! That area is up closer to Kyiv. So excited. He went to Alta and I was able to talk to him a few times before the MTC and then we were in different districts in the MTC but the same zone. His trainer just left for home and they just had a few baptisms, so he will have a lot of experience which is great! We are both going to be a few short weeks out, so it will be a little rough, but it is going to be a great experience and I cannot wait to serve there and with him. #801takeoverUkraine 
I was able to make another dish for us - Pizza!

 - If we expect miracles, and then do everything in our power to qualify for them, they can happen. 

- We need to "cheerfully submit to the will of the Lord and have patience"  He will lighten the burden upon our back. We don't know when He will deliver us, but just wait for the day that He says, "on the morrow, I will deliver you"....or something like that. Story when He causes a great sleep to come over the Lamanites and the people of Alma escape. Mosiah 24. 

That is all. 
Elder Devashrayee
Cool sunsets and sunrises. I will miss Illichivs'k!  

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