Monday, October 5, 2015

Every Interaction Must Count...... 10-5-15

So... to start off, the investigator that Elder Gorba had been visiting for some time and said he wanted to be baptized had been battling health issues from smoking for 50+ years and the only thing he needed was to go to Church but was always too sick. He passed away last Monday night and it was really an eye opener because we went over there the week prior (the really humble house) and that was most likely the last message about the gospel he heard. Crazy stuff to think about. Gotta make every interaction one that lifts the other person, because you never know. 

On the light side, this week went by just as fast as the last! We visited a lot of the members and less actives this week and it was fun to meet all of them and to share a quick spiritual message and then sit there like a fly on the wall as they all talk ;). It is frustrating, but I know it will come. 

My favorite lesson this week was when after the dad (not a member) of the part member family asked me if I lifted. I knew that was a pick-me-up from the big man upstairs, I needed it ;)  He let me know that I matter to him and that I just need to keep doing what I am doing and He will bless me.

Someone in the ward travels to Germany and France and is a renowned barber so we went there today and it was the best haircut I have ever received while in Europe! She did a great job and I just walked in a said "I trust you" and closed my eyes, good times.

 Sporting the new haircut - "exceptional style" was his title

We made Borsh and it was actually really pretty good! Doesn't look too good and putting in the ingredients myself doesn't help, but in the end it tastes great! Other than the fact that then it takes 4 days in a row of eating it for dinner to finish it,  it drops down a bit on the "good" scale. 

We visited a less active and in his house he had a great picture of the Kiev temple! It was a bummer when I saw that he had packs of cigarettes in front of it.. but, he showed up to Church and bore his testimony and that was the first time he has done that in a good 6 months, so that was awesome to hear. Elder Gorba said that was the best visit during the week he has ever had with him... we gave him a hair cut to start off with so maybe he was a little more open after that :). 

We visited my favorite little grandma Lidia (in Ukraine) and she fed us some pears, that were a little questionable, but she was too nice to say no to! She told me to stop putting my hands in my pockets. She had me tell her about God with my hands in my pockets, and then had me try again with my hands out of my pockets. Ya, it was funny and from then on I have been trying to keep my hands out! Elder Gorba could understand her better so she gave him a lot of advice in finding a wife. One time I was very grateful for my lack of the language.
Babooshka Lidia

 My favorite verses I read this week were Matt 23:11, and another one in Mosiah 7:12 the latter half of that scripture. That is how I should try to approach my opportunity as a missionary every week.  I am going to work on it.

This last Sunday was my favorite by far. I bore my testimony again (3 weeks in a row, they are sick of me) and then after the first hour I went out of my way to talk with the members as much as possible. It was the happiest I have felt since the MTC and that is really the key to everything.  Just love the people. I have accepted that I will not just magically be able to speak the language but am looking forward to the 6 month mark with lots of goals to have accomplished by then. I know it will take the full 2 years to master the language, but I just want to be able to talk to people!  I do all I can just to entertain myself at times and I do a pretty good job, but it gets a little lonely ;) 

I heard the new apostles names. Great Men.  Elder Renlund was my favorite speaker from last Springs conference. I quoted him in my farewell talk, who would have thought.  We will able to watch all of General Conf. this week, so I am looking forward to that! 

 That is all.
-Elder Devashrayee

The View out of our window this morning
P.S. - Some follow-ups:
* My Comp is a convert at age 12 with his mom.
* I am trying to cook more, that way I can control what goes in the oatmeal, but mainly because I am tired of always doing the dishes.
* Thanks Nicole for the mini Bball Hoop! I love it!
* Enjoying my Ukrainian fashion Style - the hat and all... from the photo above.

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