Monday, September 28, 2015

We all need constant care..... 9-28-15

It seems like just yesterday I was writing last week so that is a good sign! We headed back up to Kiev for 3 days for some training. We traveled by night train (really cool - better than flying). President Packer had some great stories to tell not only about his Grandpa, Apostle Packer, but about Apostle Scott with his recent passing... but the thing that stuck with we was when he "dispelled the myths" surrounding this mission. I loved it. 

With my companion being Branch President, I really don't have a whole lot to report and all of the days get jumbled together here anyways! The members here are very loving, but they need a lot of direction and constant care so that is why we don't have all of the time in the world to contact, because we are usually doing stuff for the branch! But we all need to be watched over. We did have the opportunity to bring food and medicine to a family wayyyy out there, and it was shocking when I ducked into their house! Most modest living conditions I have ever seen for sure. 
Heading to deliver the food and medicine

We traveled to downtown Odessa today for some passport stuff and it is a great place! It is a big city compared to where we were delivering the stuff to the family. I like the contrast of the different areas I have been able to travel to.

I feel like I am constantly going through a cycle of feeling bad/frustrated for myself and then realizing it and stopping and working as hard as I can and then it just seems to repeat! Turns out not everyone walking down the street talks about Heavenly Father and revelation and Joseph's First vision. I need to learn some normal words so I can have a conversation with people! 

The best word I learned this week was precious. драгоценный  Go look up the definition! The work is precious here in Ukraine and everywhere else and we need to help people see and understand. Oh, Elder Gorba forgot to assign talks so I talked for 10 minutes in sacrament meeting and it went better than expected! 
This is our branch "Chapel". This was taken prior to our meeting starting. There are usually about 15 people that attend. But I spoke from that pulpit.

That's about it for this week...  We are hoping to get out and teach this week. Language is still coming along. Enjoy your fall colors!  Just saw some photos from my mom of the mountains and fall leaves. Miss those mountains but love this area!
-Elder Devashrayee

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